Monday, July 28, 2003

Moving again

Thats right kids I am moving again, after Aug 11. I will no longer reside on 4th st in Louisville, Ky. Why? Read on...

because after really sitting down and performing a plastectomy looking at my budget and figuring out a plan that will work with the budget (damn you Dave Ramsey ) I deduced that if Adam and I want to buy a house within the next ooohhh say 2 years then I need to either move home or in with him. SO kids it looks like thats the plan. Unless those of you out there that are oh so generous feel like donating towards the cause, I will be more then happy to accept!
So I had a really good weekend, although my time with Adam was sincerely lacking :-( Friday night we ate chinese food from the best Chinese rest. in the world, (the one in the New Albany Plaza by Blockbuster and Fashion Shop) and then I met up with Amber and we went to see Digby at Pheonix Hill (the best freaking band in the entire world) and then went home to bed. Sat sucked, since we are getting ready to move out, we have to really clean the bastard, and that (if you know me at all) is not my favorite thing to do by anymeans, and of course the short bus cats kept trying roll around on the freshly bleached floors, good times. YOu all have to go try the California Pizza Kitchen we went on Sat night and it is soo damn good. Then I went and saw Digby again at Gerstels. I looove them, they are so awesome, and they are all my boyfriends (shhh don't tell them though their wife's may get mad)
so anyway theres my weekend, wow what fun... what about you all?


  1. That's why I'm STILL living at home. It saves a hell of a lot of money!