Monday, July 21, 2003

New Day, New Hair Style...

Well kids, thats right I have had 3 differant hair cuts in the last three days, and I think that this one i have now, i finally am happy with...

At least I better, because I am running out of hair. Thats right kids its back to the short haircut. This has had me thinking about this topic for quite a little while now, and I have decided to take a little poll. See at work the other day, we were talking about you know typical girly stuff (in between the bra and panty chit-chat) and we got on the subject of hair and how much we pay, what we use blah blah blah. So some of these girls were like oh I go to blah and pay $50, and I only use $25/bottle shampoo, and all that, so I was like yeah right, unless we are talking major transition or perhaps a special occasion, I would never pay that much I mean $25 is the limit, for me. So knowing me I was all like oohh I just go to Great Clips, and I always get a good hair-cut there blah blah blah. Well, well, what do you know I roll into Great Clips and was all like oh its just a trim they can't screw it up. Psshhhawww holy crap I have never had bigger hair in my life!!! IT was just trauma...So then the next day I trimmed it a little bit, and well it just wasn't good either. SO I bit the bullett and went to Strandz and paid the full $25, and of course got a great hair-cut. So does the price really matter that much? What do you all think? Whats the most you pay for a hair cut? let me know@
P.S. Digby plays this weekend at
So you guys post and let me know your personal experiences ok. I want Gerstles, and then at Phoenix Hill, so every one should come out and enjoy the shows!
PPS HAPPY 21st Birthday JOSH!!!


  1. the place i go most of the time is 23, but you get a free cut every few times. the best hair cut is by my aunt, which is free :)

  2. The place I go to at school is $10 and you get free beer or wine while you wait... :) Bret what guy really pays $23 for a haircut!?!?!?

  3. well know that you know what i spend, you can go spend 24!

  4. You should put a picture of your hair cut on your blog.