Thursday, July 24, 2003

What a beautiful day

So Ihave nothing really important to say, I just thought I would comment on how beautiful it has been outside recently. Mmmmm it makes me excited for fall, my favorite season of the year! I'm going clogging tonight with my mom because she read an article in the Courier-Journal and wants to go... good Lord, what have I gotten myself into?

Also, I know this will probably piss a lot of you all off, but I feel I should put the info out there in case anyone is interested. Go to this site if you are like me, and the smoke kinda bothers you when you are out in public. I am not in agreement with 100% of the missions like, I think they should leave the Cigar Bars be, and in bars maybe they could do something like they have in the airport, so people don't have to huddle out side in the cold and rain and shit. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to infringe on anyone's right to smoke, but I don't think that their right to smoke should infringe on my health either. There are lots of links that prove the dangerousness of second-hand smoke, this is just one of them. So I hope that I haven't pissed anyone off, but I would be interested in hearing your alls thoughts and stuff! so let me know


  1. i wish i could see you clogging to "get out of my dreams" :) bloomington is becoming smoke free.

  2. Clogging!! That's awesome! You'll have to show me some moves. hehe.