Friday, August 22, 2003

Ryans Day Out

Since Ryan will be home this weekend (after his first big week or work), we are all (me. Adam, Brit, Tiff and Ryan) going to Red Lobster, since watching Ryan eat all the crab he can is so much entertainment in itself!

Also I am starting the South Beach Diet today. Hmm that means no more beer, well at least for the first two weeks. :-( and no bread, and if you know me at all-well thats gonna suck, can you go through like detox and withdrawl from carbs? I mean is that possible, because I think that maybe what will happen. Its actually kind of an interesting diet and it doesn't seem to crazy unmanagable. you should check it out. Some of my "big" sisters at work are not to pleased with my decision though. THey think that I am listening to other people to much, you know I don't think they are jealous though, its nice to know they give a shit either way. :-) (big sissie with the baby is she coming in soon?) so thats really all i suppose gotta start getting ready for the big wedding figure ya know. Because my beeotch sister can't be better looking then the bride. Did anyone see that episode of Saved By The Bell where Zach invented the pimple cream but it turned everyones face red, wherever they put it, hmm maybe that would work. ;-) Thats all for now HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!


  1. Courtney, I had so much fun tonight with you guys! I always have fun when all of us go out! I think the crab got to Ryan. He said his belly was ok, but he was extremely tired. Bret can definitely hold his crab better than Ryan. Anyway, hopefully we can do this again sometime soon, well, maybe not Endless Crab, but go out again sometime soon.

  2. "bret can definitely hold his crab..." i've always wanted to hear that...