Friday, August 15, 2003

You're My boy, BLUE!!

Hooray, Hooray we get to go to the bookstore tonight! I got a gift cert for my birthday from Alicia and I can't wait to go spend it. I love the bookstore. (Am I a nerd?) ALso, So I am sure that everyone has seen Old School by now...

So do you remember the scene where the kids at the party are trying to get Frank to drink, but he says he can't because he promised his wife he woudn't because they had a lovely Saturday planned, going to the HOme Depot, and maybe if they were lucky the would make it to Bed, Bath and Beyond..? Christ thats not funny, thats a reality and (good time) around the Paris/Hill households...what does that say about my future saturdays? I'll be having good times going and visiting the f-ing nursing home in about 10 years...great