Tuesday, September 23, 2003

New Job!!

Thats right kids, Mamas got a brand new job, no more crap face law office (no offense Jenny, Angie, Karla, Steph or Katie) I am moving on to the wonderful world of advertising sales. hooray for me! Sorry that it has been qquite a while for an update, I have started school again, and Adam and I have been working like crazy on the house. Yeah thats right we closed on it about a week ago. We have done a little paintint, cleaning, stripping (the wall paper that is, pervs) and waxing.

This will be the house where we live when we get married, but for right now we will be renting it out, because Adam gets ready to leave for bootcamp :-Oh and congrats to my good friend Amber, (if she is OK with me posting her goodnews then she can let me know!)
And I talked to Andrew this morning he is an ass, he leaves for Italy tonight just for fun. jerk!


  1. waxing what? THAT ASS?!?!?!?

  2. Haha brit, no the wood floors

  3. Alright - good for the new job. So when are you going to take a break from waxing and come visit? Did you get my message last weekend?

  4. court- it's ok to share my good news!