Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Janna Jackson

Wow, Janna is getting married on Saturday. its kinda weird but kinda not. I mean her and Brad already really have a great relationship, but its like they will be married. MARRIED!!

I just dont know what to think. She is really the first of my close friends to do it, so that's pretty significant you know? At anyrate. Thursday is her big, shower/party. so that will be cool. WE are going to help her decorate then too. She is having her reception at the Grand. I think it will be gorgeous. The Rumors are playing instead of a DJ so that will be diff. haven't been to a wedding yet where there was a live band.
Harvest Homecoming was this past weekend. It was fun because its like a big high shool reunion that comes around once a year, so you get to see people and get it over with. and most of the people are drunk so you don't have to worry about even remembering seeing there. However there is something just a little frightening about how many mullets were there, I mean it seemed like they are just taking over. And how many pregnant chics were roaming around the beer garden. I'm not talking like 2 or 3 months, which i can kinda understand but I mean like 8 months ready to pop. That would be that last place I would want to be you know?
So the girl that started after I did today got fired this morning, that was a little weird. So if anyone is interested in doing advertising sales here at autosuccess give me a call, we got an opening for ya!

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