Tuesday, October 28, 2003


School is kicking my ass...

I am taking 3 400 level classes and they are killing me!! there is so much work. At least though they are clases that I like. Ad strat, PR and the like. hooray for that.
In one of my classes we are consulting for a client, so we are doing Label X (with digby and they mucks on them) so a whole lot of my time has been spent on that and its fun. I get to spend a lot of time "working" close with them.
And i tell you what you guys def need to go check out the muckrakers. (www.themuckrakers.com they kick ass (and for the girls-they are cute ;-)
Adam actually likes them so you know they have to be good-since he doesn't like anything at all...bastard.
I get to go do a focus group at FC for that project. thats exciting because i have never done anything like that before. Rick Miller said that I could come in during one of his classes and do it, now i just have to get out of work... damn

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