Friday, December 17, 2004

You Know You're From Louisville When...

Your "International" airport has only one passenger flight that actually leaves the 48
contiguous U.S. states

The in-state sports rivalry is paid more attention to than the national championship.

You live in an area that occasionally gets considerable snowfalls, floods, and tornadoes... but has no capacity to deal with any of the above.

You pronounce the name of your city different than anyone else you've heard.

You think the rest of the people in Kentucky sound like hicks.

When you think "Kentucky" you don't automatically think horse racing or fried chicken.

You ask your doctor for an allergy cure and he tells you to "move."

You've shovelled 10+ inches of snow and worn shorts in the same week.

When people ask what school you went to, they don't mean Vanderbilt, Yale, or Harvard; they mean Ballard, Male, Manual, Trinity or St. X.

You know what the Bambi Walk is.

Your last ten vacations were in Panama City or Destin.

You make an emergency run to Kroger for bread and milk at the first sighting of a snowflake.

You've lived here for years, yet somehow you get hopelessly lost each time you attempt a shortcut through Cherokee Park.

You're convinced turn signals are useless options on a vehicle.

You hold up traffic to let a motorist you don't know into your lane.

You give directions based on landmarks that no longer exist or street names that have changed, but your directions never confuse any of the other Louisvillians

You have never been to the Derby, but wouldn't miss the Oaks.

You call in sick to attend the Oaks and spot your boss - who also called in sick - at the next
betting window.

You think all the REAL hicks live in New Albany.

You think the only thing Southern Indiana is good for is buying pumpkins.

When introduced to another life-long Louisvillian, you spend the first part of the conversation finding out how you are connected. It's never as many as six degrees of separation - usually three will do it.

You think a pervert is someone who would rather have sex than watch basketball.

You've built a shrine to Rick Pitino in your basement.

You can read about Rick Pitino in at least three different sections of your newspaper.

You think the rest of the world knows what Benedictine spread is.

You think the rest of the world knows what a Hot Brown is.

You have never eaten fish that wasn't fried.

You think the whole world puts spaghetti in chili.

You want another bridge built over the Ohio River, just so long as it doesn't cut through YOUR neighborhood.

You've experienced a "salt storm" after a two-inch snowfall.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Louisville.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The new project

As if a new baby wasn't enough to keep us busy, we have taken over the house off of French Creek Road and moved in and started (slowly) remodeling.

I have posted some pictures of when we first moved in -so excuse the mess and will continue to post through out the process.

This is when you first walk into the kitchen from the main door. You can see the grill to the right, there is also a door to the backyard there. To the left is the living room.
New Image.BMP

This is to the left, and shows the entrance into the living room, all the cabinets are going to be redone as well as the terrible sunflower wall-paper torn down. Everything will be painted in the house. It has plaster walls so we will be doing some of the effect painting, which Adam is thrilled about since there are 10 foot ceilings. You can also see the tile where the living room begins, we are going to take all that out and refinish the hardwood floor underneath it!

This is the view of the living room from the doorway to the kitchen. YOu can see a better view of the tile and hardwood floor. There was carpet over the hardwood floor that we ripped up and are now in the process of sanding and finishing. All the windows and doors in the house are origional. You can see the fireplace to the left too the whole wall is that creekstone.

This is the view with my back to the fireplace. Straight ahead is the bathroom, to the left Conner's Room and to the right the Master bedroom. You can see the hardwood floors in this picture and the TERRIBLE color that the guy we were renting it to painted it. Bleah. On the back wall you can see the old radiator heaters along the floor board, We will be taking those out. Plus all the trim along the floor will probably have to be replaced because the floor has to be jacked up and leveled so that will probably cause the trim to split and bust. We are also going to take out the windows so we can save them during this process too. Thats going to suck. (Hi little Conner bean)

This is just a close up of the floors after all the carpet was pulled and the staples pulled out, but we haven't finished it or sanded anything yet. (Hi again Conner Bean)

This is a crappy picture of Conner's room. YOu can see the color though and the awesome windows that it has. When it is spring and there are leaves on the trees it is like you are in a treehouse. His room has hardwood floors in it too. Right now we are all staying in his room until we get the other floors finished. How cozy

Lovely master bedroom huh? This room needs major help. We pulled up the carpet in here and we are going to redo the floors and take out the radiator heaters along the floor boards as well. You can see the stone fireplace in the room too. Thats neat. There is a half bath of the the side.

This is a picture of the master bedroom fireplace. To the right is the closet, which we are going to drywall and enclose.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

They call me...Headgear


crap, Gracie chewed up my retainers like 5 months ago, I had finally made an appointment to get impressions for new retainers and that morning I had Conner, so needless to say-I couldn't make it. So I went in (finally 3 weeks ago) fearing the worst. I had to have a braces consultation. but dr. M said that my top teeth look pretty good, and my bottem ones aren't that bad. so we opted to go with the SPRING RETAINER (dah dah daaahhhh)

I have to wear it 24hours a day. it has this peice of acryllc on the front of my lower teeth. so when i wear it I look like a freaking bull-dog because it pushes out my lower lip, and I talk with a lisp-nice since I am on the phones all day.

So anyway I just thought i would share-Hey at least its not braces

Saturday, November 6, 2004


Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Halloween Par-Tay

This last weekend was Conner's first big Halloween, or holiday for that matter. Fittingly-he was a pumpkin, since every part of his anatomy has been tied to a "punkin" since he was born, i.e. "punkin face", punkin butt", "punkin pie" etc.

I, of course, have pictures...




Previously we attended a party at The Cabana-good times:





Friday, October 29, 2004

Thursday, October 28, 2004

new family car

We finally are no longer white trash with a capital WT. we officially have two cars in the paris-hill household. One kick ass Jetta and a new(to us) ford expedition. it is white and pretty bitchen. Now we are the ultimate family, and it feels great.


Happy Halloween

This Sunday is Conner's first Halloween and I am so freaking excited. He is going to be a little pumpkin. I can stand how cute he is.

We went to Hubers this past Tuesday and got Conner his first pumpkins.
Adam's Pirate Pumpkin

My kick-ass Gandalf pumpkin



We also found out Conner likes Peppermints like his dad ;-)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Do the right thing

I leave today

to fly down for Adam's graduation. Hooray. I can't freaking wait. It is going to be so awesome.

James Brown Baby

jamesbrown baby.jpg
Compliments of Uncle Bret

open mouth baby.jpg

baby feet.jpg
I looove me some baby feet

If you listen carefully you can hear the  kid squeel.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Prayers Please

For those of you that don't know, jessica Lemmels boyfriend Keith was in a bad accident 3 weeks ago at his work. He works for the train company and his lift leg was cut off below the knee when two cars came together. They still don't know if they will ahve to take the right one.

He is at University Hospital in the burn unit (because of the skin graffs)

Please keep them in your prayers

ONE WEEK-actually its more like 4 days

YUP Adam come home this Friday and I can hardly stand it. Conner and I fly down Thursday afternoon and then the three of us fly home Friday night for Chris's wedding on Saturday.

He passed all of his training and now will come home to one weekend a month stuff and then officer training school which starts in March.

We will probably go away the weekend after Halloween so we can spend some quality time as a family. So don't be offended if we aren't too social for the first couple weeks :-)

Monday, October 11, 2004

I gave birth to a can of Crisco

TOday was Conner's 2 month drs appt. and when the dr was reviewing his weight, height and head circumfrance, she quickly pointed out that he was short-hello look at Adam and I-no future basketball centers here. She then looked at his weight and gasped and said oh well he is just gaining like crazy. (he was only 10lbs 14 oz) I was like "umm yeah he gets that from me" (beetoch)
Then she started talking about how big his head was and how we would have to watch that, I jumped in with "Oh don't worry his dad's head is big" she looked at me like I was crazy and just let out a low mmmmmmmhmmmmm.

So I have a short, fat, big-headed baby. great a crisco can with a bobble-head.

Oh well I think he is the cutest thing EVER. You disagree and I will cut you.
conner nakie.bmp

Thursday, September 30, 2004


dadandconner reading.jpg
down in Georgia, Adam reading a Dad book.

Showing Conner off

This is Conner in Kosairs when he was really really sick. You can see the NG tube that was draining the bile from his stomach because his parastalsys was really slowed down, and the IV was put in his head. They do this so babys can't pull it out and often it is the easiest place to locate a vein, it doesn't hurt thme anymore then a regular one:-( But he made such a comeback so for that we can all be grateful. Please always donate to Kosairs and the March of Dimes, I don't know what we would have done without them.

so much stuff to do

wow I have a busy busy next couple weeks coming up. This Friday is my dad's birthday, Saturday is St. James, Sunday is Conner's first trip to the zoo, and then Tiffany's baby shower.

Next Saturday is Tim and Gwen's dress rehearsal Sunday is my Mary Kay party (blushing)
THe 15th is Tim and Gwen's wedding and then Tuesday I will be in Michigan for work and Thursday night the 21 I fly down for Adam's graduation and he comes home on the 22, then on the 23rd is Chris's wedding. WHEW!!

Monday, September 27, 2004


We got to drive down to Georgia this past weekend and visit Adam. It was so wonderful. He just loved Conner (duh) we had a great time.

I can't believe it had been 13 weeks. Only 3 weeks and 4 days left! Hooray.

It was really crazy. It definately is like a whole nother world!







Sunday, September 19, 2004


Conner's first visit to Target!


Friday, September 17, 2004


Well thanks to Hurricane Ivan, our visit to go see Adam got delayed. Bleah. we were all set to leave today when he called on Wednesday night and said they pulled their pass. I was so bummed. I was out to eat with his family because it was Kimberly's birthday, and so everyone got sad. I know thought noone is prolly more bummed then him. He is getting really aggravated so if you can please please right him a letter and let him know he will be home with his family and friends soon.

But they did say that they would get the pass next weekend. which should be good news, however the military has this tendancy to dick people around when it comes to stuff like this. :-(
only 35 days left though, I can hardly stand it! His graduation is on the 22 of October and family day and his turning blue ceremony will be on the 21. Then we have to haul ass home for Chris and Beth's wedding the next day. How busy.
I can't wait to see him, and his baldness and ooohh I bet he is ripped now..goodness I am getting all excited! I will be sure to post pictures. which reminds me....
conner nakie.bmp

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

more conner pcs

Conner sun glasses.jpg
Conner in sunglasses

Mom and conner.jpg
Me and Conner




Sunday, August 29, 2004

Conner is here!

sorry it took so long topost something but we had a little unexpected stay at Kosairs Childrens Hospital.

I will post more details soon, but for now here are some amazing pictures of the coolest baby on the planet!

He's HERE!!
9 lb baby-I think not, 7lbs 3oz
What a sweet boy!!
Mom and Conner!