Monday, March 1, 2004

Bumper Stickers

So today I was driving and saw three amazing bumper stickers (all on differant cars) The first one said "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, BRING IT BACK"

I just thought it was perfect especially for this world that we live in today, I mean how many people out there (myslef included) are so ready to pass the blame onto someone else, when anything goes wrong?

If we don't get a job or get into a school we want we blame it on our skin color, or our sex. If we have 8 kids and can'g afford them from the start, but keep popping them out, we feel it is our right, and defy anyone to say fine you want some financial help (which is felt as though it is deserved), then you need to go on some type of birth control and not have kids, until you can provide for yourself. Well you may as well have just told us that we could no longer breathe.
The 2nd sticker i saw said "HOUSING IS A PRIVALEGE, NOT A RIGHT" This one I thought was cool, and ballsy, you know that poor bastards car is going to be keyed, by some welfare sucking low-life, and hey don't get me wrong, I am not saying by any means that all people on welfare are shit, because that is not true. Hell I am planning on getting on W.I.C for a while after the baby is born. this just helps out with food like milk, bread and cheese (so if we have a snow storm you all know where too come:-) And you know i figure that since I will only be on it for a short while and Ihave already paid for it out of my paycheck anyway (plus it is not like I will be getting any of my social security when i retire anyway) I say why the hell not.
The third sticker I saw was just lame and kind of pissedme off. It just said "I HATE THIS TOWN" I mean really. It was on the back of this ooooold car with all kinds of other band stickers etc. To make matters worse I think I knew the kid. I just thought the sticker was lame and a waste of money. If this town is soo lame then f-you just move away because we dont' want your sour ass here anyway. I happen to enjoy living in "Looahvulle", and enjoy telling people that. I know that there is some shit that could change for the better, but we also have a pretty cool heritage and history here, so I am proud. so if you hate this town then move to Laconia, where it really is boring and sucky.
Let me know what you guys think of these stickers or some other cool ones that you have seen!

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