Monday, March 22, 2004

I would weep even if I wasn't PG!

Ok so this past weekend I went over to Ben's house (it was official Ben Schnieder Day) and had a fabulous time. There was even some ping-pong going on, we had some ringers too, Becky and Angie got up there and kicked some ass! I also got to hear the new Digby CD...

I know that you guys always make fun because of my love of this amazing band, but I am telling you, this was the best stuff I have heard from them...EVER! Especially one song in particular, it's called Some Can Hear...I don't know there is just something about it that is so, so well just moving. Also Falling Up was redone and is fabulous as well-only complaint- On a Roll was not included! boo... Anyway that is all. maybe if one of the Dig's reads this they can send me a copy of Some Can Hear (hint hint)

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