Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Not Responsible for crap flying off this site

So as I was on my way back from school to work this afternoon, and was being bombarded with shit flying off this dumptruck in front of me, I started thinking about the 2 signs that were on the back...

The first says STAY BACK 250 FT, well seriously how realistic is that? And does it matter? no this shit still hits my windsheild, how the hell do i know how much 250 feet is when I am driving like Indiana Jones and dogding pieces of rock or other peoples garbage.
Also whats up with the sign that says NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OBJECTS COMING FROM TRUCK. I always wondered, says who? Is it just because of the sign? or do these truck companies have some special kind of law protecting them. Hell I would like to get a sign that says SEVERE ROAD RAGE, NOT RESPONSIBLE IF I NAIL YOU IN THE ASS END. Then another right below that says SO GET OVER BITCH!
What about in school, can I give one to all of my teachers that says " NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR EARNING A PASSING GRADE, JUST GIVE IT TO ME" would that work?
By just saying I am not going to take responsiblity, can you really get out of stuff like that? That will be something I will have to look into. And if anyone knows the laws on this kind of stuff...let me know

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  1. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!! About three years ago I was driving to UofL and this dump truck thing with all this shit/rocks was passing me going the other way, hit a bump, and about 3 HUGE rocks flew out of the truck and onto my car. One hit my driver's side window, one hit the roof of the car, and the third (the largest) hit my trunk and left a frickin' CRATER in my trunk lid!!!!! But of course, they aren't responsible for objects coming from the truck. Horse crap.