Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Let's Try Again!

Well since little Ed didn't cooperate at our last 4-d ultrasound, we are going to try again tomorrow. He may have been being stubborn but damn was he being cute!!

He was all curled up in a little "U" shape and his hand was in front of his face! What a doll! WE even got to see him open and close his mouth a couple times. That was really cool. So the U/S tech was pushing and prodding on my belly to get him to move-and he DID-right in front of my belly button. So we still couldn't see his face! Little turd. He had a big ole dimple from my belly button in the middle of his face. He he. he is just going to be a cutie.
We did all of his laundry the other and and when we were folding it, it was just unreal how tiny this thing is! Agghhh what if I break him!

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