Monday, May 24, 2004

Prayer Not Protest

For those of you that remember, when Alicia and I lived downtown, we were on 4th street and there were always a lot of anti-war protests going on. It was kinda surreal because you just don't get that shit when you live in the Knobs. I would always go downstairs and watch them as they marched past, with no doubt good intentions but I just couldn't seem to understand how they were rallying for peace and love but they seemed to just exude this nasty hatred to those of us that were watching. So i ran upstairs one day and painted this big sign that just said PRAYER NOT PROTEST, and promptly perched it in the window. I am not saying that it is wrong to protest the war or whatever cause you may be fighting for but sometimes there should be some thought into whats going on.

For example, I am so over this war right now, it is NOT funny, however I am not going to cut out the emotional support for the troops that are over there in that God-forsaken country, doing their damndest to help those people out. The war is happening people, and none of you tree-hugging hippy bastards are going to stop it by not taking baths and telling Pres Bush he sucks. The fact is our men and women are over there dying everyday, all you gotta do is make it known you don't support but everynight/day whatever tell God (or your higher power) to keep watch over those guys over there and bring them home safely.

I know that the military is in a really crappy light right now given the abuse stuff that went on, but you know that is not an accurate representation of our military. My dad, grandad and fiance' were/are in the military and Iknow that it pains them to see such disgrace going on like this. There are good honost people out there who really are overseas to help that wretched country.

For some reason *I must just be a masochist* I continue to watch the news in the morning while getting ready for work, and they are constantly interviewing families who haven't seen their husbands/wive/mother/father etc in like a year. The ones that especially get me are the families with newborns- who will be like a year when their family member returns. Of course I sob like a child because Iknow that Adam won't get to see Conner until he is at least 2 months old. What kind of shit is that?? Then i get mad at myself because I think hey-you have it easy he is just going to basic and it is only 15 weeks not a year or more, and there is no relative threat of danger. Arrrgghhh it just makes me so mad that unfortunately the whole world has to deal with this shit at one point or another.

I was relieved to get an email this morning with some great pictures of our FINE FINE military men and women after being bombarded with terrible pictures of the big "Scandal"

high five.bmp
letter from home.bmp
praying soldiers.bmp
soldier and baby.bmp
soldier kitty.bmp

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