Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Devil has taken over

Fear of fears, it has finally happened to me. Me, the least likly of suspects. I have gone out of my way TWICE, just so I can swing by a drive-thru STARBUCKS. Shit, I have even gotten excited about going for dress fittings because I know there is one along the way. Oh vile chain of chain stores, how you have overtaken my mind.

It's weird because I don't even drink coffee (i abhore it everything about it, the smell, the taste, other peoples dependancies) but what I get is not coffee-oh noooo it is far better. It is a double chocolate chip frappacino. blended with creme' mind you!
Its's one of those amazing drinks where when you get done you feel like you could just wretch everywhere because it is soooo rich. Yah I love food that makes you sick it's always the best.

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