Thursday, June 3, 2004

Good news and stuff

So nothing really major, just lots of little things going on.
1) I passed my glucose test so that means no gestational diabetes, even after passing out in the drs office, apparently it was the whole they had to stick my like 5 times thing that made me loose it.
2) Adam got to feel Conner kick and move for the first time the other night. He put his head on my belly and started talking to him. I guess the vibrations got him all spazzed out because Adam said he could feel him really well. It was cool, he was there for like 15 minutes. He kept saying stuff like wow, it feels like something moving underneath a blanket. And then whenever there was a real big kick, he would go whoa did you feel that? It was great. But it also kept Conner up and kicking for the next 2 hours! HOLY INDIGESTION BATMAN!
3) Digby is playing at Headliners this Saturday for their big CD release party. Doors open at 9, show starts at 10, The Mucks play after them.
4) Alicia and I hung fliers around New Albany for the show yesterday, it was fun but hot, we went to IUS to put some up and I said screw it and was driving all over the little sidewalks that are meant for the little campus carts. Hehe, I guess I am glad we didn't get caught.

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