Thursday, June 24, 2004

Holy Rib Kicking Batman

Yeah so Conner has officially found my ribs and sweet lord, I am certifiably uncomfortable. Its like someone is knocking the wind out of you and prying your ribs apart with a screwdriver all at the same time!

Adam leaves in 12 days :-( It is sucking and getting harder to think about, I just hope the time goes by fast while he is gone.

I have been cross-stitching Conners name from this Peter Rabbit ABC pattern and honostly I could do it all day, it is sooo addicting. I come home from work and literally get excited because I don't have anything to do but sit there with the dogs and cross-stitch...good lord.

Also like I said last post Raech is going to Hawaii, last time she was in an airport, she got to meet Pauly shore, maybe this time she will meet some fancy schmancy celebrity, that would be cool. The only "celeb" I have ever seen in an airport was Rick Petino and I didn't say anything because I was gawking at how short he was the whole time (hehe).

So yeah thats it I think, Ben is having a birthday party for Rich this weekend so we may go to that, last year was crazy, everyone was drunk as hell and then they started playing with bottle rockets, I found one on my car when I went to leave...good times ;-)

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