Friday, June 11, 2004

A little scare on Wednesday

So I am right around 31 weeks, and on Wed I just felt bad, dizzy, nauseous, and it was hard to breathe. SO i got a little worried and called the drs office just to be sure. They called back and said, why don't you just go ahead and swing by the ER yikes.

So at 4:15 i drove( more like hydroplaned) over to Norton's Suburban and was admitted into the ER, they did all kinds of blood tests, blood pressure tests and even and EKG, well three hours later (!) I checked out fine in the ER so they sent me up to L&D triage to check out the baby.

So they put all the little monitors on me and checked me out (Down there) sure enough I was having contractions and had already dialted 1 cm. Yikes

So they gave me a shot to stop the contractions and they monitored me for another hour and half and said I was good to go. So hopefully that was all, and Conner just made his little announcement that he was still hanging abound and not to forget him.

Of course now everytime I feel something I am freaking out, my poor drs office is on speed dial! :-)

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that all is well with you and little Conner! You need to tell him that is VERY important he hangs out there in momma-land for a little while longer!