Thursday, June 17, 2004

only 2 days...

Wow Ryan and Tiffany's wedding is this Saturday. I can't believe it. I mean I remember when they got engaged and it seemed so far away, but here it is. I am excited to of course because i get to get all dressed up and pretty for it too. I have to stand on the end over on Ryan's side because I am the shortest. hooray. I just hope that people will notice that I am pg not just a little chunky (OK chunkier), whatever people will be so in awe with Tiffany they aren't even gonna notice any of us.

I can't wait to see her dress. siiigghhh she is going to be pretty. woohoo. today is gonna be a day of pampering, I get to go get my nails done and all that,plus buy some stuff for my hair. yay. dress-up time.

NOw I have to get back to work, and find a restaraunt for lunch that carries root-beer....

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