Thursday, July 22, 2004

37 weeks

Had my 37 week drs appt yesterday, we are now officially at full term. So essentially anytime now and he will probably be wonderful.

she told me I was measuring 38 weeks and not allowed to grow anymore. That must be why he is constantly kicking me in the ribs! the dr also said that depending on how he measures next week, we may do an ultrasound, to be sure he is not like 25 lbs haha.

I think it is because I am so shortwaisted, he doesn't have anywhere else to go but out!

I haven't talked to Adam in almost 2 weeks. well he called me on saturday but thanks to fucking sprint i missed the call completely. He said it would probably be the last chance he got to call in a while since they have officially started the physical part of basic. I miss him soo much. I havent even gotten a letter in a week.

Still no word of address but as soon as I get it I will let you know. shit Ihate crying at work.

anyway, just thought i would give everyone a baby and Adam update. hopefully the next post will be a baby announcement!

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