Tuesday, July 6, 2004

All By Myseeelllfff, don't wanna be.....

So sad...dropped Adam off yesterday for his basic training in Georgia. He actually flies out today, yesterday he had to hang out in the hotel, we dropped him off at 2 and I talked to him around 9:30 and he told me they didn't have to be there until 8...arrggh. The military is incredibly un-organized.

He had to catch the bus to MEPS at 5:30 this morning bleah. Then they fly out to Fort Benning this afternoon.

Siigghhh. The guy at the armory was pretty cool though, he made sure that I had his number so when Conner arrives he can notify Adam ASAP, rather then going through the Red Cross and not knowing when he will get the message. He also said that if I get him a copy of the birth cert he will make sure he gets to see it, along with his little feet prints. So that makes me feel good ;-)
We don't know his mailing address yet, but as soon as he writes with it, I will put it on here, I know that he will be super excited to get some letters. (well as excited as Adam gets that is). It is important that we only send him letters and pictures, anything else he won't get, they go through stuff beforehand, so don't waste your money or time.
LIke I said before his graduation date is on October 15th. Wow that is the next time I will get to see him, and Conner will be here. That is crazy. We are going to fly down there for his ceremony. I have ordered these awesome little camo onesies that he can wear-just like his DAD! :-)


  1. I'm sorry Courtney, I didn't mean to make Adam go and join the Army. I mean, I know he want's to be as buff as me, but I didn't think my extreme fitness would push him to such lengths. While it is good to know that my commitment to the "healthy lifestyle" is helping to protect this great nation, I might have considered toning it down for the sake of little Conner. As it stands, there's not much I can to but remain steadfast and continue my Herculean healthful efforts so that Adam might still have an ideal for which to strive when he returns.

  2. oh brit, thank you so much for making me laugh and feel better! I know that you are bummed you can't make it to the babyshower, and you would love to hang out with all the girls...thats ok, you can send me something through the mail, I also accept paypal :-)
    Hope to see you soon!