Friday, September 17, 2004


Well thanks to Hurricane Ivan, our visit to go see Adam got delayed. Bleah. we were all set to leave today when he called on Wednesday night and said they pulled their pass. I was so bummed. I was out to eat with his family because it was Kimberly's birthday, and so everyone got sad. I know thought noone is prolly more bummed then him. He is getting really aggravated so if you can please please right him a letter and let him know he will be home with his family and friends soon.

But they did say that they would get the pass next weekend. which should be good news, however the military has this tendancy to dick people around when it comes to stuff like this. :-(
only 35 days left though, I can hardly stand it! His graduation is on the 22 of October and family day and his turning blue ceremony will be on the 21. Then we have to haul ass home for Chris and Beth's wedding the next day. How busy.
I can't wait to see him, and his baldness and ooohh I bet he is ripped now..goodness I am getting all excited! I will be sure to post pictures. which reminds me....
conner nakie.bmp


  1. Hey Court,
    Oh my goodness what a beautiful little baby you have! I love checking the site and seeing new pictures...what a cutie.
    Hope you are doing well and enjoying motherhood. I know you will be so excited to have Adam home with you soon. Send me his address and I'll pop him a quick note or something in the mail.
    Take care!

  2. That REALLY sucks about the passes being pulled. Did Aaron tell me that you guys get to go down at a later date? I wrote Adam last week, so he should be getting the letter soon. Have you sent him a pic of Conner in the sunglasses? If not, I'll send him one. Let me know.

  3. no bret I haven't that would be awesome if you did!