Wednesday, November 10, 2004

They call me...Headgear


crap, Gracie chewed up my retainers like 5 months ago, I had finally made an appointment to get impressions for new retainers and that morning I had Conner, so needless to say-I couldn't make it. So I went in (finally 3 weeks ago) fearing the worst. I had to have a braces consultation. but dr. M said that my top teeth look pretty good, and my bottem ones aren't that bad. so we opted to go with the SPRING RETAINER (dah dah daaahhhh)

I have to wear it 24hours a day. it has this peice of acryllc on the front of my lower teeth. so when i wear it I look like a freaking bull-dog because it pushes out my lower lip, and I talk with a lisp-nice since I am on the phones all day.

So anyway I just thought i would share-Hey at least its not braces

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