Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The new project

As if a new baby wasn't enough to keep us busy, we have taken over the house off of French Creek Road and moved in and started (slowly) remodeling.

I have posted some pictures of when we first moved in -so excuse the mess and will continue to post through out the process.

This is when you first walk into the kitchen from the main door. You can see the grill to the right, there is also a door to the backyard there. To the left is the living room.
New Image.BMP

This is to the left, and shows the entrance into the living room, all the cabinets are going to be redone as well as the terrible sunflower wall-paper torn down. Everything will be painted in the house. It has plaster walls so we will be doing some of the effect painting, which Adam is thrilled about since there are 10 foot ceilings. You can also see the tile where the living room begins, we are going to take all that out and refinish the hardwood floor underneath it!

This is the view of the living room from the doorway to the kitchen. YOu can see a better view of the tile and hardwood floor. There was carpet over the hardwood floor that we ripped up and are now in the process of sanding and finishing. All the windows and doors in the house are origional. You can see the fireplace to the left too the whole wall is that creekstone.

This is the view with my back to the fireplace. Straight ahead is the bathroom, to the left Conner's Room and to the right the Master bedroom. You can see the hardwood floors in this picture and the TERRIBLE color that the guy we were renting it to painted it. Bleah. On the back wall you can see the old radiator heaters along the floor board, We will be taking those out. Plus all the trim along the floor will probably have to be replaced because the floor has to be jacked up and leveled so that will probably cause the trim to split and bust. We are also going to take out the windows so we can save them during this process too. Thats going to suck. (Hi little Conner bean)

This is just a close up of the floors after all the carpet was pulled and the staples pulled out, but we haven't finished it or sanded anything yet. (Hi again Conner Bean)

This is a crappy picture of Conner's room. YOu can see the color though and the awesome windows that it has. When it is spring and there are leaves on the trees it is like you are in a treehouse. His room has hardwood floors in it too. Right now we are all staying in his room until we get the other floors finished. How cozy

Lovely master bedroom huh? This room needs major help. We pulled up the carpet in here and we are going to redo the floors and take out the radiator heaters along the floor boards as well. You can see the stone fireplace in the room too. Thats neat. There is a half bath of the the side.

This is a picture of the master bedroom fireplace. To the right is the closet, which we are going to drywall and enclose.

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