Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thursday Thirteen- Big things that happened this year

Thirteen Things about CEECE

1. Adam and I got married on February 26

2. Conner turned 1

3. We bought an awesome house in downtown New Albany and moved out of shit creek-I mean French Creek

4. I made more the enough money for Adam to stay home with Conner and do his own thing for a while

5. Conner started daycare one day a week. It sucks just as much as if he was going full time

6. My granddad moved here from California

7. My other grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago

8. We went to Las Vegas in May for vacation

9. I started weight watchers and have lost 8 lbs.

10. I met a lot of awesome people in New Albany by paying attention to politics and being active in our Neighborhood Association

11. I transfered my membership to Central Christian Church

12. I made the decision to have Conner dedicated in January

13. Adam started OCS for the Army National Guard

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Christmas Day

Here are some fun pictures from Christmas Day...WHEEEEE!

*The brother and sister-in-law (don't they look like they are watching kittens being tortured?)*

*Conner and Gramerly checkiing out the loot*

*Off to the next family get together!*

*If I didn't take a picture of me on Christmas Day then there would be no actual photographic proof that I was ever there. Adam HATES taking pictures and everyone else is busy photographing the boy*

*This is what my sister and I wait for all year...who can make mom cry the hardest and most with their present. I think I won this year, although my competition was pretty weak. I made a collage with a picture of me, mom, Conner and Alicia, with the quote" The most important thing she'd learned over the years was there was no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one" SOB!*

*oh yeah, here are the tears...cruel? maybe, but entertaining? hell yeah!*

*Conner and his RIDICULOUS amount of presents and toys*

*up at grandmas house. my mom is trying to teach Conner to ride the pony that my grandad got him. mostly he just likes to swing it around and knock shit over*

*showing it to dad*

*Now it's my dad's turn to "ride it" and look like a dork! (luckily no one got the footage of me galavanting around the house on it)*
Sorry the pictures kind of end there.
My grandpa (the one with cancer) was not having a good day, and it was hard to get into it and take pictures.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Eve Open House

And the crazy tendancies of my family members.

As you peruse through these photos take note of the following two things.
1) My family has an uncanny ability to look anywhere BUT the camera while having their picture taken.
2) My mom looks like she has just had the worst news delivered to her...ALWAYS!

*my mom-looking like she is crying. My Grandad- who the hell knows what he is looking at!*

*my mom-looking teary eyed-again, grandad- who the hell even knows. Wait are my aunt and cousin actually looking at the camera-and they look like they are having a good time! Thank God its on film*

MORE THIS WAY-------->

*The MIL yes actually looking at the camera-she's a photographer so she feels my pain. but then there is Gwen and Adam not even close to looking at me while taking the pic. siiiiigggghhhhh*
*Adam's sister and Dad doing a mighty fine job cheesin' for the camera, but Timothy drops the ball. The best part is he is smiling, but at WHAT?...crazy...*

* The bean enjoying festivities and food*

*The boy loves to be flung around, teetering on the edge of nausea*

*Fun with Antlers*

*Fun with Antlers II-wait what the hell-is my mom actually...smiling?*

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I don't think I told you guys...

See, I have this little bitty crush on John Mellencamp.

I know I know, he is the same age as my dad (almost exactly) but wow. He is so freaking hot. (john not my dad you pervs). I have his greatest hits double disc in my car, and have been listening to it non-stop over the last few days. I even had a dream the other night that we were getting married and he was standing up at the head of the isle smoking a cigarette. One of Adam's uncles was there, and the inside of the church was all decorated with Christmas lights, and there was a kiddie pool over to the side. *that is so embarassing*

I dig what he is about, his political values and ideas, his looks, his voice, the fact that he is a hoosier. EVERYTHING.

I want to touch his naughty parts...

Holiday Open House Reminder

Remember Saturday we will be having an open house starting at 5. Feel free to stop by and eat and drink and celebrate each other!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2005


My grandpa starts chemo today. So please pray, cross your fingers, whatever.

Conner and I were by there on Friday night for a few hours and he seemed to be doing pretty good. His biggest problems are the pain and he won't eat so he is pretty weak. He has 6 hours of chemo a day starting today going through we, then we break for a month and do it again.


Friday, December 16, 2005

Map Yo'self

Stolen from Styro

Show me where you be!

Time to Think

Last Saturday I rang the Salvation Army Bell at the Wal-mart on Grantline Road for an hour. (the whole day was people from church).

It was a great time to observe people, and see things I didn't really want to, but some that absolutely made my day.

As any of you who know me know, when it comes to emotions I don't hold anything back. I can cry at just about anything, usually it has to do with children or other people being mistreated, or seeing people do incredible things out of love. I am a happy and a sad cryer. I did A LOT of crying between 3-4 on Saturday.

As I was walking through the parking lot to the stand, I walked past a group of people consisting a lady probably in her 40's, a small child of 5 or 6, and an older women maybe in her 60's. The younger lady was pushing the cart (very full) with the child in it when one of the bags fell out of the cart. She started yelling, about how her "fucking egss were broken and maybe if she had some help and if someone would watch their own fucking kid this wouldn't happen". Ecch it makes my heart hurt just recalling it.

I stood there and rang the bell and watched people walk past me, doing their best job to avoid eye contact. I stood there ringing the bell and cried.

I cried for the people who were able to give and did, I cried for the people who were able to give and didn't, for those who weren't able to give but did anyway. I cried when parents would come out yelling and cussing at their kids. I cried for those who where having a good time with their families. I cried and wondered if any of the families who walked past me where maybe some of my angels that I had collected from the Angel Tree.

I prayed. I prayed for everyone who gave, for everyone who didn't. I prayed that they all had a great Christmas/holiday season, and that they got to spend time with their families if that's what they wanted. I prayed that they would all be warm and well fed.

I laughed too. I laughed at the older men who wore santa hats. I laughed at snippets of conversations that I heard. I laughed at the teen-boppers who refused to wear jackets, and wore the most revealing clothing even though it was FREEZING out! I laughed at myself for crying at everything.

I laughed about how when I told people that I was going to ring the bell, they acted like it was some big act of kindness, when really it's not, and it's the least I could do to help people for the holiday season.

So maybe, if you get a chance to ring the bell next holiday season, or even this year. You will take it. Take the hour out of your oh-so busy life and do something for someone else. Take the time to think about everything you have to be grateful for, and what things you would change if you could. Take the time to rejoice in the season, even if you are opposed to nativity scenes in public and writing out Christmas and replacing it with an X., just take your time.

Great... I am crying again...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Gosh, so much has been going on lately!

1) Conner and I were sick as dogs all last week. Puking and coughing and just feeling bad all around. Luckily Conner didn't seem to get the puking/pooping illness that Adam and I did, but his poor nose has been giving him the business.

3) Conner started day-care one day a week and on the first day he got freakin' bit on his arm and scratched on his face. We were super pissed! He goes every Tuesday and this is his third week. I just called the daycare to check in on him and the girl that answered the phone said, " well he has been kind of whiney today" WTF, how about because we have to drop him off in some shithole day care. And you can't say anthing to these women that work there because if you piss them off, how do you know if they are not going to pinch him or something.

It's buuuuulllshiiit.

4) Raech graduated from UofL, wheee. We all went out to eat and celebrate last night. Congrats

5) No tree yet. We were gonna go last weekend to get one from the tree-farm but we have been so busy. I want to go this week, but now Adam is super sick, and it is more then difficult to go shopping with the weee man.

That's it I think. Oh if you would like to come and be our Nanny so Conner doesn't have to go to the shithole day care anymore then please call thanks! :-)

Friday, December 9, 2005

They May Not Have the Best Dental Hygiene..

But they can get somethings right.

What a great Christmas gift (or holiday gift I guess if I want to be totally PC) for those who want nothing more then to be with the person they love.

Seriously, if that isn't a testament to a relationship then I don't know what is. Sticking it out together even though, you have been told repeatedly that you will never have the chance to celebrate and receive the same rights and government benefits as others.

Congrats Britian and everyone who can benefit from this!

The Marriage is Over

Did you know that Adam doesn't even know the names of all four Beatles?

What the hell is that? Who do I blame? What kind of person doesn't know the names of the Beatles? Whil I shed a tear for George and John, he had to ask which ones they were.


The cold hard facts

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Possible buyer inquires about fire-damaged Georgetown landmark

Not quite New Albany, but info about a historic home in Georgetown that was supposed to have been restored but the people who own it currently have failed the home miserably.

Any insite as to why they haven't please post!

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

If you're not a parent you will gag while reading this

On my way to work this morning, I noticed a lovely odor reminiscant of baby poop filling my dry-cracking nostrils. Since it didn't last very long, I chalked it up to the good one I let rip earlier in the rid or the dead racoon I just passed on the side of the road. Didn't give it much more thought.

Then I got to work and noticed it again. I thought that maybe I had stepped in some dog poop on the way to the car an checked my shoes. Nope good there too.

While we were in our morning meeting I started to sneeze and while rubbing my nose, the lovely odeur hit me again. I looked at my hands my shirt everything. Then I saw it. It was ground in to my wedding band. Conner was a little restless during changing this morning and I guess while getting out the leather straps to hold him down, i grazed the little pile of goodness he left for me this morning.


Hell yeah. I made my boss gag with that one too!

Conner and I are Movie Stars!

well, ok maybe not movie stars or really even tv stars..oh hell we're not even stars at all, but The Muckrakers released their video for Through My Door and we are in it! Three shots actually but the one at the end is the best.

Hell yeah we are getting down!

Here she be:

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Front Runner for Worst Day Ever

my grandpa was diagnosed with an agressive form of lung cancer. He only has 2-6 months left to live. My sister had a test come back with pre-cancerous cells, so she has to go in and have them removed.

I got all this news at once 2 hours ago. I feel like shit and cannot stop crying. This sucks.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Remember our Troops This Holiday Season

Is That on Obelisk in Your Pocket Are You Just Happy To See Me?

People would flip shit if we did this know that whole denial and elephant in the living room thing.

Hint, Hint

Wow check this out! It's the MomAgenda, a yearly planner that has room for your schedule your kids (or hubby's) a place for medical records, shopping lists etc. And it comes is pretty colors!

Most of you who know me, know that I am not the "neatest" person in the world, but I love to carry and use planners. Maybe it's because they are representative of goals and ambitions that I have for myself. I love the idea of being organized and having all of my clothes folded and put away, but I also love spending time with my family more. If I had to choose between color coordinating my undies or stacking blocks with Conner, I would always choose the latter. Motherhood, however has shown me that there is no room for error when it comes to keeping the baby's things organized. It's not such a big deal if I leave the house with my mug of tea sitting on the kitchen table, at the same time, if we dash out of the house and leave the sippy cup, diapers, wipes, toys, extra pair of pants in the diaper bag in the foyer, you can gaurantee that Conner will be dying of thirst, choose to be dramatically bored wherever we are and shit like no kid has ever shit before, with it hitting walls and ruining clothes. YOU JUST CAN'T TAKE THAT CHANCE!!

So yeah, anyway I have dreams of being the super slender, career mom, but who has enough time to spend with her kid at the school, soccer games whatever,and be the supportive wife and best-friend to her husband, (whew that made me tired just writing all that. I guess maybe the planner like holds that ideal.

Christ...I need therapy....

PS I want this one.

Silver Grove Neighborhood Association

Here is an amazing article about a fellow neighborhood association in New Albany. This is an amazing example of people in our city doing a kick-ass job and not just talking about it. They are a real asset to us!

What a great piece. Jim is always around learing from other associations and is as friendly as they come! Apparently the Silver Grove area used to be it's own town, used to be the country!

Click below for the whole article!

Once, Silver Grove had its own history
Jim Munford has filled 10 boxes with papers mentioning his grandmother's great-uncle and such. Munford is well on his way to a full family tree.
But his neighborhood's roots remain another matter.

Jim Munford is compiling a history of Silver Grove, which was a town until it was annexed by New Albany in the 1930s. Behind him was Advent Christian Church at Shelby Street and Indiana Avenue, where Silver Grove’s town hall once stood. (By Arza Barnett, The Courier-Journal)

Munford lives in Silver Grove, a place he had not heard of until a few years ago. The area is in easternmost New Albany, east of Silver Street, north of Spring Street and south of Charlestown Road.
It pretty much consists of houses built long ago. Its population is maybe 3,000, and Silver Grove does not change appreciably. That is precisely why it has been plenty good enough for Betty Brewer all her 74 years.
"I'll probably die here now," she said.
Brewer recalls an era when Silver Grove included businesses like her family's grocery and a barbershop across McLean Avenue.

Munford found a photograph from about 1915-1920 of a couple with the last name of Ray, posing outside the house on Beeler Street that Munford now lives in. (Courtesy of Jim Munford)

A century ago Silver Grove was not yet part of New Albany. It had incorporated as a town in 1896, 24 households shielding themselves from those tax-and-spend big-city types.
"This was the country," Munford said.
Silver Grove formed its own council and fire and police departments, and functioned on its own for about 30 years. Town Hall sat where Advent Christian Church does now, at Shelby Street and Indiana Avenue.
Munford has discovered that much. He is now filling a second box of Silver Grove memorabilia that he intends to piece together into a community history. "So that people will remember," he said. "So it's not forgotten."
Munford is 50, an engineer who moved to this area in the 1980s to help build the Marble Hill nuclear plant. That project was aborted about the time the Munford family settled into a large home at Indiana Avenue and Beeler Street.
One of the oldest in the area, the place piqued Munford's curiosity. "If walls could talk," said Varie Munford, Jim's also-curious wife.
Jim Munford hit up the public library to learn what he could. He found disappointingly little about his house but a little more about the town of Silver Grove. The what? Munford read minutes of council meetings and a news clipping or two, leading to more questions than answers.
"There's supposed to be a book floating around somewhere," he said.
While Varie Munford began to help organize the Silver Grove Neighborhood Association -- a vibrant organization that operates a crime watch, among other duties -- her husband delved into the past like a detective.
He has quizzed those few elderly neighbors who all along have called the area Silver Grove. Lessons learned from his genealogy hobby keep him patient but persistent. He has yet to find the perfect source, if one exists. "Go digging and get lucky sometimes," he said.
Even David Barksdale, president of the Floyd County Historical History, knows little. He lives in Silver Grove, by the way and urges Munford on. "I'll be very excited to see what he finds out," Barksdale said.
Maybe there are clues aplenty in people's basements. People may not recognize they hold the secrets to the Silver Grove story. "Maybe they feel no one is interested," Barksdale said. "You never can tell."
Both the local fairgrounds and Glenwood Park, with its ball fields and amusement rides, routinely brought crowds to and near Silver Grove. Many clearly liked what they saw.
The community's charm was appreciated, and by the 1930s, little suburban Silver Grove had exploded. Newcomers expected nice roads and public services like those they had left in New Albany.
In addition, the area was offered its own school -- Silver Street Elementary -- apparently as an inducement to accept annexation. By 1935, Silver Grove was history, a history Munford is now trying to uncover.

A photograph takena fter the 1937 flood that hit the region shwoed Silver Street looking north as vehicles continued to use an elevated roadway after water receded. Silver Grove by then had become part of eastern New Albany. (Courtesy of New Albany-Floyd County Public Library)

Jay Papp, 25, has not been married too long, and his first child is on the way. He bought his first house in the neighborhood in which he grew up. That means his baby will be a fourth-generation Silver Grover. "It's a wonderful place," Papp said.
Not that he ever learned in school that the community had once been its own place -- incorporated. "I've always known New Albany as New Albany," he said. "One big town."
Dale Moss' column runs Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays on the Indiana page. You can reach him at (812) 949-4026 or at You can also read his columns at

Thursday, December 1, 2005

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little

Similar to the Zombie Post below, but not quite it!

More bedbug links for your reading pleasure

They are horny too!
Watch out Kirsten!
Starting to feel a little sick...
Oh God, where is the toilet


Wheeeeee! It's snowing.

It's the first day of December and there is light snow falling. Awww like something out of a Bing Crosby movie...

Watch out kids! That hill's a bitch and 5 months in a backbrace is not worth the alleged good times to be had by sledding!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Encompassing the Christmas Spirit

All that I can think about today is getting to a store and buying some more Christmas decorations, and dominating the neigborhood when it comes to being the master decorator for this time of year, oh yes CHARLIE* IS GOING DOWN!

See, the ESNA hosts a Best Decorated House contest, and the winner gets $100 from the NAB, but most importantly, they get the bragging rights of having the house that sums up Christmas, that gives you that warm feeling inside when you see it, the house that kicks ass and takes names-er I mean, the house that reminds you what Christmas is about...

Let me clue you in on where some crucial mistakes have been made in this decorating game so far. See we were premautre decorators. The contest is tomorrow night, and we started putting stuff up on Saturday. Well this gave ole Charlie* across the street time to see what we were doing and he put up his decorations, when we pushed it a little more and added more lites, he pushed back and added lites. The neighborhood foolishly thinks we are done-but wait! Oh no, it was all a trick my friends! We just wanted to make the neighborhood think that we were done, when in reality-haha this is where it gets good- we are just waiting in the sidelines to pounce. POUNCE I tell you. It will look like a freaking nuclear reactor is going off at our house, think National Lampoon's Christmas but with class, style, pizazz even!!!!


*Charlie knows this is all in good fun, his house always looks great and I am only slightly jealous of his awesome decor!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

churchin' it, churchin' it

Last Sunday was the Hanging of the Greens service at church. It was probably my favorite Sunday there since I have been back.

First off, it was so crowded, they combined the two services into one at 10, so it felt full and everyone was sitting close. You got a real sense of fellowship. There was also the fact that a lot of people were home for Thanksgiving, so I got to see a lot of the kids who went off away to school. The church was even brave enough to give several of us in the congregation the opportunity to recite prayers, a bible verse here and there and even some meditations.

Since going to Central, I have had the opportunity to begin to reconnect with my God, as well as with people who can help me do that.

My only regret was that Adam refused to come.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Rob Thomas

Last night, Adam and I saw Rob Thomas at the Louisville Palace. one word...FABULOUS!

Anna Nalick opened, and mooned the crowd, and then Rob Thomas came out and rocked the freaking house! One of the morning shows said that he is an example of a true rockstar. They are so right.

He was so interactive with the audience, told stories about the songs, for the encore he took requests, he had great interaction with his band, he even took some of the cameras that people had in the front row and took pictures with them.

He played some Matchbox 20 songs, but only about 4. He did Smoothe and of course his solo hits, Lonely No More and This is How a Heart Breaks.

I don't have any pictures :-( because our camera is broken. (conner pulled it off the counter) but it was just a great time.

If you haven't given much thought to Rob Thomas or Matchbox 20 in the past, you should reconsider. He is a great songwriter, singer and looks really, really , really good.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Come and buy my shit

Come on over this way, I am making stationary and you should all buy some!


I guess we all knew it had to happen sometime, but why did they have to come and ruin my Thanksgiving with their heartbreaking announcement?

Yes, that's right Nick and Jessica are spliting up...FOR REAL!

*wipes away a tear* What a shame...I think it was because she was getting so famous and he was...well fffffthhhhh.

Monday, November 21, 2005



Friday, November 18, 2005

Open Letter to the whiney bitch in Q-Doba

Dear Whiney Bitch,

I am so sorry that we have been waiting in line for so long, but I am sure that all the sighing, and hemming and hawing you have done, have at least made the experience more enjoyable for those of us standing around you, if not sped up the wait!

Secondly, just because the guy behind the counter works in a Mexican fast-food restaurant does not mean he is Mexican and cannot understand you, one request of shredded beef tacos at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS should be quite sufficiant, but no, just to be careful, you then used your "codescending voice" and again requested that he make sure it was SHREDDED BEEF!

What's that? oh please for the love of God worker behind the counter, shake out this womans poor black beans!! Lady look, we heard you the first 3 times when you said that you don't like your nachos to be "squishy icky and mooshey", but I think the guy is doing all he can to dry out your freaking beans, short of bringing out a centrifuge.

Oh, you want the salsa verde, but you want it to be drained? look you are confusing that poor kid behind the counter because, well, salsa verde is pretty much liquid. Yup that's right, no real solid mass in it!

What-what's that? Yeah we know, no squishy icky and mooshy tacos.

Thank goodness time to pay and get the hell out of here. Oh no, you mean we all went through that delightful trip through the food line, and got to hear your commentary on EVERYTHING, and here you forgot your Q-CARD? Damn, it really must not be your day.




PS Quit talking through your nose!

Great American SMOKEOUT!!!!

Yesterday was the Great American Smokeout!
I applaud all who participated and if you did not, and still smoke, encourage you to learn on differatn ways to quit, to not only better the lives around you, but your own!

Raising a kid is so ha-aard!

So good ole Dr. Ferber, the mastermind behind letting your child cry it out (all the while, simaltaniously ripping your heart out) is modifying his statements.

The main problem that I had with Dr. Ferbers method was that he advocated it for up to 45 minutes. OK there are a lot of things that could go wrong in those 45 minutes. They child could be hurt, or hungry or have a dirty diaper.

We chose the method that involves checking in on the baby every 10-15 minutes, until they fall asleep. The first night we did this with Conner it lasted about 40 minutes, we checked on him 2 or 3 times to make sure he wasn't hurt or anything and he finally fell asleep out of pure exhaustian. It was HEART-WRENCHING. The next nite it was about 25 minutes the next nite he wimpered for a few minutes and now he usually goes down without a fight.

I know that this isn't typical behavior, but neither is leaving your screaming 10 month old to their own devices for hours just to fall asleep.

Suck it FERBER!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mamma, I'm coming hoooome

Ever been to

If not, you are so missing out. It's an awesome site that is devoted to crafts. Not tea coozy crafts either, but bitchen stuff made out of old jeans, vintage embroidery patterns crafts!

They have weekly contests over on the blog part. Now I have a place to go and let my inner DIY geek out.

Bwaah look at this one project a craftster sent in! She knitted little Yoda ears!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


My mom's dad just moved out here from California.
He was having his new house built so he was staying with my mom and dad for a while, he just moved in this past weekend. Pretty good timing, I think the family bonding was about at it's peak.

We thought it was great though because he got to spend quite a lot of time with Conner.
So anyway, having everyone together was a great time for me to get some update pictures of everyone.

*Alicia don't be mad, I dropped the camera before I got a chance to take yours and moms picture with the boy*

Here they are:

My dad's parents with Conner

My mom's dad, me and Conner and my mom, this is a good one but I really like the one below, it seems more...real ie Conner not cooperating, my trying my damndest for something to turn out good, my mom TALKING DURING THE FREAKING PICTURE, my granddad just haning out.

The two grandpas, I guess great-grandpas now. They go to breakfast in the morning to hang out with the other old guys in the neighborhood, it's cute.

My mom and dad with Conner

I like this one too. What the hell is my granddad always looking at off to the side?

Adam clearly likes having his picture taken.( just smile normal-ass!)

Conner and Uncle Jimi checking out the squirrels in the backyard.

Conner with Adam's mom and dad.

Conner and my dad

God Warrior

I found this link to an ebay auction featuring the God-warrior herself Margaret Perrin on Brit's website. It made my day!

Typically Adam and I don't do the reality TV thing, but we were fortunate enough to stumble across this gem that is Trading Spouses.

It was so juicy that they had to make it two weeks!
In the last episode she jut flips out-on her own family. and on the crew!

Monday, November 14, 2005

A Very Merry Christmas

I think that I am going to talk with Adam about doing this for Christmas.

You "adopt" a soldier and fill up a box with some of the items listed on the website, and send it to the soldier over seas.

I'll hang it up right next to my x-ray

This is the neatest thing!

You send your spit to this company, and they get your DNA results and turn it into artwork! I want one, seriously. I want one for all three of us. Seriously.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Once the dogs kick it....

We are sooo getting fainting goats.

If you have never seen one, or a video of one, please allow me to describe these awesome awesome creatures, how they will, someday, provide hours and hours of entertainment and fun for my whole family.

The goats, are regular looking enoughm, but what set's them apart is a genetic trait called myotonia congenita

Apparently, when the goats get startled, the body releases a chemical which causes the muscles in the body to stiffen or lock. They then pass out. It only lasts a few moments, and seconds later they are up moving around as if nothing happened.

My mom was the first person to tell me about this demented source of entertainment, and we have been fascinated with them ever since. My mom and dad actually have a big enough yard to keep one or two more then comfortably. So everyone should email me and say that my mom should get a fainting goat, I will then send them her way.

Heh, heh, heh

Friday, November 11, 2005

Open Letter to Adam's Nose

I did this a while back, the open letter idea I mean. Forgot about it for a while, and saw the same kind of idea somewhere else and got re-inspired. So here is my kick off open letter, to dear Adam's nose.

Dear Adam's nose,

Is it really neccessary for you to be stuffy and plugged up all the time? I mean come on give the guy a break. He hasn't been able to smell or breathe properly since-er...EVER!!

It also makes it a little hard to sleep when you start to drain in the middle of the night, thereby causing Adam to do this really loud, really annoying throat clearing thing, sounds kind of like, oh I dunno, HE'S GARGALING GLASS??

Also when you sneeze, could you not do it loud enough to wake the dead (or even baby!)

I'm really not asking much, and thanks in advance for your cooperation.



Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gonads and Strife

It's just to funny. Ah Back in the day eh Brit, Tiff and Ryan?
You have to have speakers and hear it for the full effect.

If you don't laugh out loud then you have no soul...
Gonads and Strife

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Grandma will be so proud

For a long time, I have been pretty happy with my relationship with my God. I knew that I needed to find a "spiritual home", I also knew that I wanted to get Conner into a place where he could feel like he was comfortable learning, growing in and questioning his faith. Just like my Grandma's church was for my sister and I as we were growing up.

I had gone to Central Christian for a while about 3 years ago, but you know schedules and the baby and all that good stuff got in the way.
When we moved to the new house, I was so happy that Central is only about 4 blocks away.

I started going at the end of September and last Sunday, came before the pastors and church to request a transfer of my membership. It felt great. Of course when I was saying my pledge of faith, I got a little choked up and almost cried in front of the whole congregation but-eh, what are you going to do.

Central Christian is a Disciple of Christ church, and that "branch" of CHristianity is known to be more open minded and liberal (if you can even be that when it comes to church) then most religions. While it is certainly not the most free-spirited, it seems to fit perfectly with my beliefs.

The pastors are great, and that is important for me. They are both young(er) and have a way of talking to you during the sermon instead of at you.

I know for a lot of you, this isn't your thing, but for those of you who kinda feel the same. Keep us in your prayers that we continue to grow spiritually, that Conner gets a great support system there, and that, eventually, I can get Adam to come with me.

(Can you believe he hasn't come once?-ass)

Tuesday, November 8, 2005


He is just such an idiot.
The thought of him makes my skin crawl.


Pirates attack cruise ship.
I bet none of them were as cute as Cpt Jack Sparrow

Wednesday, November 2, 2005


Conner was a chicken for Halloween. Not because he particularly likes them, or we have any special bond, but because he looked so damn cute!

Halloween started Sunday night at Gramerly and Pap's for a bonfire and lots of marshmAllows!

more marshmallows


Gwen, my sister-in-law, and I are sort of in this ride together. We both came into the Paris family from completely differant backgrounds, so when things get crazy, we will ride it out together. She, Raech and I "work: on the Sunday crossword together...haven't finished one yet

OK so maybe we had some more marshmallows...

BWAAHHH! He's just so cute!

Halloween night. The trick-or-treaters were out when I rolled in from work at 5:30! I tell you it was like something out of a movie! Kids were everywhere, it was so fun!

Views from the porch

Conner and Dad

Conner and our "nanny", Adam's unclie Jimi. He has been so fabulous. He adores Conner and Conner loves him! They go for 2-3 hour walks around the neighborhood everyday. It's great!

Conner found the jackpot! Everytime a kid would come up for candy, and we would give him some, Conner would just get this very disturbed look on his face, like WHY ARE YOU GIVING MY CANDY AWAY!

"But mooom, I wanna take it off!"

Good stuff

I swear to God, if there is an unflattering camera angle, Adam will find it