Friday, February 18, 2005

Support Our Troops ASSHATS!

So I want you to think of these pictures before some of you decide that "supporting our troops is supporting the war" Keep in mind these are the people who are sacrificing so that you can speak your mind and keep that pompous attitude up.

I am not a supporter of war, I do think there are other ways but if you don't support the troops then you are seriously fucked up...

I guess the reason that I am so pissed about this is because the magazine that i work for recently recieved a letter bashing the troops. On the table of contents page we always have a bible quote -which I will admit I do think crosses the line there but hey I just work here, and we have "Choose Freedom, Support our Troops" on there as well. So anyway some asshat wrote us a big letter saying that he wanted to be taken off the list because of the righ-wing agenda we were pushing and it was so innapropriate to have the bible quote (which I agree) and the thing about supporting our troops. When we called to let him know we recieved his letter it sounded like his boyfriend answered the phone...haha Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Cost of War

going away.JPG

Both of these pictures are used without permission from the MSN week in pictures archive. you can access all the archives here

God Bless our troops

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