Wednesday, March 30, 2005

8 months old

Dear Conner,

today you are 8 months old (and 1 day). This last month has been huge. You can now sit up by yourself and you have 2 (TWO!) teeth coming in. You also had minor surgery on your butt (hopefully the last of any major medical interventions). As of Easter, you decided it was time to start waving BUT only at inanimate objects such as trees and lamps. You have decided that lying down is only for babies and you only want to stand up or sit up. Your gorgeous red hair and blue eyes are enough to make every passerby comment on how cute you are (duh)

Over the last 2/3 of the year you have brought feelings to your dad and I that we didn't know existed, all the way from utter joy to total distress to horrible feelings of failure.

When your dad and I get home from work we are completely worthless because all we do is stand around and stare at you being cute. You have decided that you will develop a personality as well, frighteningly similar to your stubborn spoiled mom, many say!

YOu like to snuggle and will go to anyone who wants to hold you, which is a good thing considering you have like a billion family members.

This last month also say your dad and I make things official and get married, you of course were the star of the whole day, being so well behaved and flirting with any female that walked past.

You do not like to eat pears or anything cold, everything is going in your mouth and you like to throwup in restaraunts any time I try to give you some big boy food.

You have decided that sleeping in cribs is also for babies and you belong in a big boy bed with dad and mom, we are fighting you a little on this and you have made it clear that you find us incredibly vile at times.

Last weekend we finally let you "cry it out" in your crib and it absolutely broke my heart, I just cried and cried and cried, I felt like a horrible mom and totaly failure, of course you only cried for like 10 minutes before you feel asleep, but it was hard for me not to communicate that I was not just being mean.

My heart breaks every day when I read where anything bad has happened, my first thought is, "Oh God, that could be Conner some day".

I never knew how amazing this whole parenting thing could be, and while we do get considerable less sleep then before, the joy and happiness that we get in return is more than anyone could ever imagine or that we deserve.

Conner Bean, Happy 8 months

I love you,


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