Tuesday, May 3, 2005



You are already 3/4 of a year old, 9 whole months! During this last month so much has happened. Your hair is coming in like weeds now and it is still that awesome reddish-brown color that you got from your dad and Aunt Rae. (I can't wait to see how light it gets in the summer).

You are so close to crawling, you do this funny little humping movement while you are sitting on the floor with your hands out in front of you, it's like you know what is supposed to happen, but then you realize that at the snap of your chubby baby fingers your dad or I will scoop you up and carry you around.

Sometimes when I carry you and you are scared or tired your little hand will hold on tight (read: PINCH) to the little sensitive fat part underneath my upper arm, I over look the pain because it's your way of showing that you know you are safe with us.

You kinda wave when you want to, you wave at everything; the dog, the couch, the light, the bed, the tv, but NOT at me or Dad when we are leaving.

You have also mastered the toothy grin, and while you only have two teeth right now, you can contort your grin into showing those two teeth and it looks like you have a whole mouthful.

Last weekend you and I suffered through a terrible little bout of the RotaVirus (throwing up outta both ends! woohoo)

You can now say so many things and make so many noises, it's awesome to hear you talk to us.

I love you so much.


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