Wednesday, May 4, 2005

SwimSuit Season

Shit... women every where are feeling their self-esteem plumit and crash diet books are the number one sellers-this can only mean one thing... IT'S BATHING SUIT TIME!!!! NOoooooooo


  1. So WHERE did you get those cute little address labels that have you, Adam, Conner, and the dogs on it?!!!! I want my own!

  2. Jay said something about Conner's "lazy eye." Watch Conner closely over the next few weeks. If you see his eye turning more you need to take him to the doctor (especially if it turns in). Sometimes as kids grow the skin on the sides of their noses make it look like they have a crossed eye. Take pictures when you see it. Don't ignore it because he is coming to a very critical time in his childhood that if he does have a crossed eye (strabismus), it can be corrected with cute little glasses. And if he doesn't get the glasses he could develop a lazy eye (amblyopia). One more year of school and I would be able to help more but don't wait on me.

  3. We want vegas stories!!