Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My Mother is Banned From the Internet

So she had her drs appointment today... He said that she does in fact have the pulmonary hypertension and he wants to do a few more tests, but it is not in an advanced stage, he laughed and told her to stay off of the internet when doing research about this, and he has put her on medication which she said made her feel instantly better.

She does have to go back at the end of the month for more in-depth tests, and it was really a good thing that she went to this dr because she has to have surgury on the 19th and the specialist was very concerned about her having anesthesia, luckily there is an alternate kind she can take.

So thanks for the prayers and calls, I know they helped. She should be alright!


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More pictures




Prayers for my Mom please

My mom was recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertentioin, which is elevated blood pressure in the lungs-and it causes extreme stress on the heart, and it seems it was caused by the radiation that she had for her cancer.

There is a lot of mixed reports on hypertension and the life expectancy rating after diagnosis, we have read anywhere from 2 -20 years. She has an appointment with a pulmonary specialist tomorrow and we should get a more definate description as to what is going on, but right now I am FUCKING SCARED OUT OF MY MIND.

Anyone who knows me, knows how close my family is, and I don't even want to think about how bad this could be.

So if you could just pray your freaking head off then that would be awesome.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Crazy Weekend

with adam being gone, I decuded that this would be an awesome time to get some work done on the house :-) He always has that damn schedule that he is trying to stick to but it's just not working out. Anyway, my mom and dad came over and helped me remove the doors off of the bathtub, and clean the killing-at-will bacteria that had made a home underneath the tracks...

we bought lots of bacteria killing chemicals and scrapers and went to town. It looks A BILLION TIMES BETTER IN THERE. I bought a shower curtain and hooks and mat that all match, and it looks like a whole new bathroom in there.
The only suck part is I have been very tediously scraping off old caulk whenever I get a free moment.
I went through and bleached the tiles and the moldy grout and caulk mmhmm good times.
Speaking of bleach, late saturday night, after Conner had gotten up with another one of his mystery stomach aches, I was rocking him back to sleep when I noticed the most giant thing I have ever seen, making it's way across my living room floor. I put the baby back in bad, and dropped a shoe on top of it on the way.
I came back out, turned on the light and what do I see, about a billion little baby spiders running around the offending shoe. I almost had a heart attack. So I grabbed the nearest spray bottle and started shooting bleach all over the place and killing the little bastards left and right. Blech, I killed two more massive spiders yesterday one in the kitchen sink, one in the bathroom sink. Die fuckers.
I am also have someone come look at our floor to see what it will take to get it level.
Gracee is gone, she is staying with Gwen while Tim is in dentwizard school. now it;s just us and old man gandee who doesnt like me as it is.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Pictures Pictures...

Here are pictures from Vegas


(my God my chin is huge...)


I am a wreck. Sometimes I will just get so overwhelmed with thoughts of how I would cope if something were to happen to Conner. He is so innocent and sweet and undeserving of any illwill from anybody.

This morning I was looking at the week in pictures from MSN and there was a picture from last week of a mother and her baby that were killed in a suicide bombing, but all it showed were there arms peeking out from underneath a sheet. I just lost it.

This truely is not something you can understand until you have kids of your own. While the love for your family is overwhelming, the love for a child is so much more.

It's almost paralyzing really. So I guess cut your parents some slack and show them more appreciation, because as my MIL puts it "To have a child is like having our heart on the outside of your body and watching it walk around"

I love you Conner Bean

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Conner's first birthday

So I went shopping last night with Adam's mom, and we Conner's first birthday stuff-for a hell of a deal! The theme is going to be Baby Einstein, and they had all the birthday stuff clearanced out to like, .75 for a pack of napkins and cups etc.

Hooray for the birthday parties!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why Louisville?

If you are a fan of Louisville and enjoy keeping it weird, then you should check out WhyLouisville.

They are another great organization which supports local entrepaneurs and the coolness that is Louisville.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Hell yeah!


Any other achievers gonna go?

Wanna see something disgustingly cute?

These are from lunch today...

beaner lunch1.bmp
Oh wait it get's cuter and sicker...

beaner lunch 2.bmp
Even cuter still...

beaner lunch 3.bmp

here come the 2 weeks a year

Adam leaves for military in a day for two weeks, to like Wisconsin or Minnesota or some other place that is the furthest from your mind when you think "Army".

We're glad it's not over the 29th of July-Conner's birthday.

So it'll be me and Bean for a while (and the two insanely huge viscious dogs that live with us-Just in case you were thinking of robbing us), and if you are in town call me or come over and we can look at my amazingly cute freaking baby.

Holy crap I am about to have a one year old, and I haven't screwed him up yet ( I don't think)

I told him on Sunday that he should feel very privelaged that he is one of the few living things that I haven't managed to kill off yet. The only others were the cat's and they are at my mom's and the dog's don't really count because, I mean come on, they eat shingles for God sakes...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

You know I am training to be a cage-fighter Napoleon!

So I have started kickboxing class at Terry Middleton's in downtown New Albany. It is such a kick in the ass. I love it though.

You get to learn boxing and self-defense moves all while getting some cardio work done too. Although most of the time I feel pretty akward, it is incredibly invigorating when you get to punch the hell out of a punching bag.

I decided that I needed to do something because the baby weight isn't just "melting off", and Alicia is doing it with me, so we have been going together, which is a great motivator for me, as I usually need someone else to "let down" if I can't make it to a class.

When it is not stifling hot during the day, and Conner is with me at work, I try to push him around the neighborhood in his stroller. But it has been warm enough to give him a heat stroke recently...

Tuesday, June 7, 2005


Uggh I started back on the Lexapro for my crazies and I forgot how much it knocks you on your ass. I am so wiped out. Add that to the kickboxing and ten month old and you have a recipe for exhaustion.

I am glad to be starting the lexapro again, as I feel as though my anxiety and emotions are snowballing and exploding on anyone who comes near. Especially that I have been taking it out on Conner. Not anything drastic, I will just get really mad at him for stuff like crying and getting into things-HELLO COURTNEY HE IS A BABY.

The kickboxing is going really well. Its extremely cardio and learning the self-defense is awesome and competely fulfilling. But not as fulfilling as getting back into the prebaby jeans will be.

Friday, June 3, 2005


So the ole Family mobile is in the shop. It totally crapped out on me this morning on the way to drop Conner bean off at grandma's. I pulled out on to Main Street and I couldn't go any faster then 20mph but the rpm's were reved up to over 4000!

Thank God for AAA, saved me a towing charge, but I am still waiting to hear from Saturn of Louisville what is wrong with it. They did give me a rental so I could go to work (oh joy)

Also the Jetta was sold on Wednesday (grieve for a moment) I miss her...

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Conner Bean

So as we have reached the 10 month mark, Conner has begun crawling, wearing shoes, and eating solid foods.

He still only has two teeth, but that doesn't stop him from gumming everything that goes in to death!

His hair is starting to curl, and he loves when people sneeze. Usually he will"sneeze" right back. He is definately favoring guys over girls, and gives me the cold shoulder anytime Adam walks in the room.

We have had no more trips to the doctor for anything serious, and he is growing like a weed, currently clocking in at an astounding 22 lbs!

Last Friday, we went to our friends Nic and Shannon's wedding, and Conner was so well behaved. he didn't squeek through out the whole ceremony or reception. He did manage to throw everyone at our tables spoons and napkins on the floor at one point or another but overall he was a fabulous boy!

His eyes are still bright blue and his hair red, he definately got some of his Aunt Rae in him, after all redheads are supposed to be extinct after the year 2020 or something like that!

I can't believe that he will be one soon, cliche' as it is, time has really flown bye.

So if you are in town on July 30 (Saturday) please stop by and help us celebrate!

Love you Conner Bean,


Historic New Albany

There is going to be a Mansion garden stoll coming up on the 12 of June. Below is a flier for it. If you live around here you should definatly try to make it, if for no other reason then to support historic New Albany.

Adam and I have started working passionatly with others who have a sincere insterest in restoring and preserving New Albany, it's a great city, and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, someday we could turn it into the new Highlands or Old Louisivlle!

Download file

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Please do not use the words brainstorm or goalsetting, more then 1-2 times a week as you tend to upset the animals.