Thursday, June 2, 2005

Conner Bean

So as we have reached the 10 month mark, Conner has begun crawling, wearing shoes, and eating solid foods.

He still only has two teeth, but that doesn't stop him from gumming everything that goes in to death!

His hair is starting to curl, and he loves when people sneeze. Usually he will"sneeze" right back. He is definately favoring guys over girls, and gives me the cold shoulder anytime Adam walks in the room.

We have had no more trips to the doctor for anything serious, and he is growing like a weed, currently clocking in at an astounding 22 lbs!

Last Friday, we went to our friends Nic and Shannon's wedding, and Conner was so well behaved. he didn't squeek through out the whole ceremony or reception. He did manage to throw everyone at our tables spoons and napkins on the floor at one point or another but overall he was a fabulous boy!

His eyes are still bright blue and his hair red, he definately got some of his Aunt Rae in him, after all redheads are supposed to be extinct after the year 2020 or something like that!

I can't believe that he will be one soon, cliche' as it is, time has really flown bye.

So if you are in town on July 30 (Saturday) please stop by and help us celebrate!

Love you Conner Bean,


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