Monday, June 27, 2005

Crazy Weekend

with adam being gone, I decuded that this would be an awesome time to get some work done on the house :-) He always has that damn schedule that he is trying to stick to but it's just not working out. Anyway, my mom and dad came over and helped me remove the doors off of the bathtub, and clean the killing-at-will bacteria that had made a home underneath the tracks...

we bought lots of bacteria killing chemicals and scrapers and went to town. It looks A BILLION TIMES BETTER IN THERE. I bought a shower curtain and hooks and mat that all match, and it looks like a whole new bathroom in there.
The only suck part is I have been very tediously scraping off old caulk whenever I get a free moment.
I went through and bleached the tiles and the moldy grout and caulk mmhmm good times.
Speaking of bleach, late saturday night, after Conner had gotten up with another one of his mystery stomach aches, I was rocking him back to sleep when I noticed the most giant thing I have ever seen, making it's way across my living room floor. I put the baby back in bad, and dropped a shoe on top of it on the way.
I came back out, turned on the light and what do I see, about a billion little baby spiders running around the offending shoe. I almost had a heart attack. So I grabbed the nearest spray bottle and started shooting bleach all over the place and killing the little bastards left and right. Blech, I killed two more massive spiders yesterday one in the kitchen sink, one in the bathroom sink. Die fuckers.
I am also have someone come look at our floor to see what it will take to get it level.
Gracee is gone, she is staying with Gwen while Tim is in dentwizard school. now it;s just us and old man gandee who doesnt like me as it is.

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