Friday, June 24, 2005


I am a wreck. Sometimes I will just get so overwhelmed with thoughts of how I would cope if something were to happen to Conner. He is so innocent and sweet and undeserving of any illwill from anybody.

This morning I was looking at the week in pictures from MSN and there was a picture from last week of a mother and her baby that were killed in a suicide bombing, but all it showed were there arms peeking out from underneath a sheet. I just lost it.

This truely is not something you can understand until you have kids of your own. While the love for your family is overwhelming, the love for a child is so much more.

It's almost paralyzing really. So I guess cut your parents some slack and show them more appreciation, because as my MIL puts it "To have a child is like having our heart on the outside of your body and watching it walk around"

I love you Conner Bean

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