Tuesday, June 14, 2005

here come the 2 weeks a year

Adam leaves for military in a day for two weeks, to like Wisconsin or Minnesota or some other place that is the furthest from your mind when you think "Army".

We're glad it's not over the 29th of July-Conner's birthday.

So it'll be me and Bean for a while (and the two insanely huge viscious dogs that live with us-Just in case you were thinking of robbing us), and if you are in town call me or come over and we can look at my amazingly cute freaking baby.

Holy crap I am about to have a one year old, and I haven't screwed him up yet ( I don't think)

I told him on Sunday that he should feel very privelaged that he is one of the few living things that I haven't managed to kill off yet. The only others were the cat's and they are at my mom's and the dog's don't really count because, I mean come on, they eat shingles for God sakes...

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