Monday, August 22, 2005

New Albany

So as if my anxiety and utter disgustance (hell is that even a word?) with people wasn't high enough, I have decided to get involved with New Albany politically now. Mainly just an observer at this point, but some of the "good ole boys club" crap is just pissing me off. Everyone in this damn town has their hand in someone elses pocket, and is so scared of change that progress for our town is being hindered.

It was interesting however to find the many 'blogs out there that are dedicated to this same plight. I am just in the beginning stages of involvment so I am trying to figure out who everyone is and what part they are playing but so many people comment as anonymous that it is hard.
On a happier note. I do believe that I am one step closer to getting a site up and running to promote historic homes that are for sale in New Albany. Very excited about that.


  1. New Albany sucks, for serious!
    Here's proof, via a verbose pretentious asshole: - lame.
    Miss Courtney, do we know each other?

  2. Nah its not New Albany that sucks but the people that have the power currently. Yes Jef, I believe we do. via good ole FC.

  3. Mighty idealistic statement there Miss Courtney, my long lost FC comrade. Good to see there's still people that aren't disenfranchised with politics... Especially local politics.

  4. you may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one.
    There are quite a few people who are trying to take back the reigns and turn New Albany around into what it should/could be.
    Aahh I hope that you haven't jinxed me.
    You don't sound like you remember me.

  5. What should it be, what's the big revelation?
    Remember you, how could I forget you? Tell me how your life is via electronic mail: Unless you thought I sucked, than don't.