Monday, August 1, 2005

One Year Old

So we made it. Conner is one year old and the ginormous birthday party went off without a hitch.

Conner got so many gifts and well wishes from people (Even though we said no presents on the invite!). It made us realize how truely blessed we are. A healthy baby boy and lots of family and friends who love us.

Conner has four teeth right now, and we are (painfully) getting two more in. He can stand up on his own, and he is able to navigate around furniture pretty easily.
He is still a daddy's boy, but doesn't hesitate to give a kiss if you ask. Kimberly has been watching him over the summer since classes are out, but she goes back next week. Adam's uncle Jimmy and my mom will grab hold of the reins for baby care once again.
Conner can sign to us when he is all done and wants more. He can say all done, mom, dad, dog, duck, bye, numy. He loves to swing and play in the dirt. He is very laidback and observant like his dad.
His favorite toys are pens or anything in that shape, he likes to use them to draw, tap, rub and stir.
Our sleep schedule has gotten pretty off track, he can't seem to go to sleep easily any more and the last few nights he keeps waking up 1-2 hours after he goes to sleep. We are wondering if it has to do with the cake, party and just overstimulation of the last two days in general.
We had lots of people come into town for Conner's party and that meant so much to us. Bret flew in from Chicago and Ryan and Tiffany came up from Midway. It was great to be able to see everyone again.
We are in the process of closing on the house, and unfortunatly the realtor took the pictures off of the website so I can't show you any right now. The final day to close is August 24th and we are hoping to get it done before then.
We will definately have people over to come see.
My mom is doing pretty well. She had surgury a couple weeks ago for fibroid tumors and her recovery has been steady. Still no answer for the lung issue. She went to have some more tests and they came back and said that there is nothing wrong with her lungs now. She still can't breathe when she lays down, she gets dizzy from it and anymore she can't even bring the laundry up from downstairs without having to stop and catch her breathe.
I am getting very pissed at the doctors.

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  1. It was a hell of a party! :) I wish I was one again and got a great party like that with so many presents! It was good to see you guys.