Wednesday, August 3, 2005

shitty 24 hours

fuck fuck fuck, is that she sound of the other shoe dropping? Where have you been old friend.

Things so far seemed to have been going pretty well, with the house and Conner and us. I was just kind of bracing myself for it to stop-suddenly. Then last week it did. I got hit (it is my fault too according to the police report)i got in a raging fight with my mom.

I guess that being catty and just over all lame by typing this out helps me put shit in perspective. Really in a sense of things what's happened isn't so bad, its just that it's been a barage of it.
I am kind of in a corner in a sort of a way too. I don't have really any close friends who are in the same kind of position as me that have time that we can get together.
It's hard to express all these mommy concerns to those who aren't mommy's and aren't close.
God what a whiney post.

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  1. Well, I'm sorry that things have been pretty sucky lately. I can certainly be the queen of whiny bitchy-ness. Feel free to send an email my way complete full of venting complaints/concerns/whininess. I wish I could be to listen in person. I will be in town Aug 19-Aug 21 if you want to get out for a meal or a drink.