Friday, October 21, 2005


Well in a sense yes. Ever since Adam got back from basic last year, he hasn't gone back to the corporate world. Totally our choice, and we were totally digging it. He worked for the Embrys for a while, then for Bob, then for himself, then for Bob again. Then Bob just couldn't handle the pressure anymore of having a dependant.

Adam has been very busy working on the house on French Creek Road and getting it ready to sell/rent, and spending some awesome time with Conner. It is great that we haven't had to put Conner in day care yet (knock knock). The money so has not been a problem either. (major props to me for being the major and sometimes only breadwinner).

The only problem? Adam is going crazy not having some kind of militray schedule to adhere to. Here is the sick part. The crazy actually likes to work. It's just messed up. Even when he worked at Centimark he enjoyed the job and the peole that he worked for most of the time.

Me on the other hand. Nope, I will probably only be completely happy if I am working for myself. Or in promotions and communications, but damn you want to talk about a major paycut. No thanks.

The thing that has been so funny is despite all of Adams talents and his crazy-smartness, it has been so tough for him to get hired somewhere. I think it is 1 of 2 things.
1) He is in the military. The employers are probably afraid that they will hire him and then he will get called to active duty (not bloody likely).
2) His crazy work pattern over the last year.

I can recall hearing differant people talk about how when their kids are older and grown the stay at home parent would probably go back to work and how they are dreading, re-entering the workforce. I never understood why until now. There is always someone just a liiiitle more qualified and who will take just a little less money.

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