Monday, October 24, 2005

All by myself...Don't want to be dah dah dah dah daah

Ok I hate these whiny please make me feel validated posts as much as the next guy, but I feel like shit.
Is it just the fact that I have a kid, or do most people generally dislike me?
I got dissed so many times on Saturday it was like a bad after school special.

It's just making me feel crappy, and I want to whine about it. Josh, has been doing the big avoidance dance, and Daniel, Sean and Aaron, just want to hang out with Conner. Bret's in Chicago, Ryan and Tiffany are in Midway.
Andrew-well I don't know what happened to Andrew, he hasnt returnd a call in 6 months. Sarah and I can't just seem to reconnect and Tyler is so busy with her job.

I know I can be sarcastic sometimes, but really is it just that I am a bitch? Come on tell me, I haven't seen a change over the last few years but there has appearantly been one.

Ok whining over. Sorry for putting up with it. :-)

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