Thursday, October 20, 2005

I mean if there isn't a website name that describe me more perfectly. It's no wonder I am a fan.
Mrs. Kennedy pretty much rocks my world. She has the most bitchen' first name- Eden. It's just so-so pretty! I luurve it. She can cuss without sounding like she lives in a trailor. She can describe birthday party scenes gone awry like nobody's business. Plus her hair rules, how many people can pull off that cute style?

So, in honor of, here are my obligatory Fussy shirts. Of which I have already had 3 comments and 4 funny stares today.


Of course the "holy shit look how big this shirt makes my boobs look" shot.

Now, if I could just jump on that writing well part...


  1. I love your blog! Just coool !
    Attaboy! Good luck !
    Alex Sanekopolidis