Saturday, October 29, 2005

no words...

adam sent this link to me earlier and at first I thought it was a joke. This person seems to not have all their facts straight and it is a real shame.

I know a lot of you oppose this war (as I do) but the thing is, this is not the troops fault. These are men and women who signed up, just like Adam, with the sense of wanting to help out where they could. Not so they could leach off the system. haha I can't even type that with a straight face. What with the whole $150.00 Adam gets paid a month, i hardly call that leaching.

I am so pissed about this site I can't think straight.

I am not asking you to do anything, especially not to send this loser hate mail, because he probably feeds off that stuff. But just be aware that fuckers like this exist and pray especiallly hard for him and our troops.

Thanks guys

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  1. Okay Courtney! Where are the pics of the little guy in his halloween costume?