Saturday, October 15, 2005

Proving Their Point?

I in NO WAY condone any type of Nazi-thinking or any type of bigotry/racism/racial profiling-black,white,blue,green- whatever.

However, I am sure in the eyes of the Nazi demonstrators, this pretty much proved their point.

I mean good lord, they just showed scenes on the news, and it was all these people (99.9 % being black which is what the Nazi group was apparently demonstrating- well "black crime" whatever that means) started rioting. Burning buildings, throwing rocks and shit at ambulances and the police. I mean what the hell is that about???

Hello? What the hell were you trying to prove? I mean I think the Nazi's followed all the "rules" and ended up putting on a respectable (Good lord respectable and Nazi don't even go in the same damn sentance) protest.

Anyway, before I start getting hatemail or comments, all I am saying is that it just seemed ironic that the group was protesting a certain groups level of crime, and then they went and demonstrated it right in front of national news channels.


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