Wednesday, November 16, 2005


My mom's dad just moved out here from California.
He was having his new house built so he was staying with my mom and dad for a while, he just moved in this past weekend. Pretty good timing, I think the family bonding was about at it's peak.

We thought it was great though because he got to spend quite a lot of time with Conner.
So anyway, having everyone together was a great time for me to get some update pictures of everyone.

*Alicia don't be mad, I dropped the camera before I got a chance to take yours and moms picture with the boy*

Here they are:

My dad's parents with Conner

My mom's dad, me and Conner and my mom, this is a good one but I really like the one below, it seems more...real ie Conner not cooperating, my trying my damndest for something to turn out good, my mom TALKING DURING THE FREAKING PICTURE, my granddad just haning out.

The two grandpas, I guess great-grandpas now. They go to breakfast in the morning to hang out with the other old guys in the neighborhood, it's cute.

My mom and dad with Conner

I like this one too. What the hell is my granddad always looking at off to the side?

Adam clearly likes having his picture taken.( just smile normal-ass!)

Conner and Uncle Jimi checking out the squirrels in the backyard.

Conner with Adam's mom and dad.

Conner and my dad

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