Friday, November 11, 2005

Open Letter to Adam's Nose

I did this a while back, the open letter idea I mean. Forgot about it for a while, and saw the same kind of idea somewhere else and got re-inspired. So here is my kick off open letter, to dear Adam's nose.

Dear Adam's nose,

Is it really neccessary for you to be stuffy and plugged up all the time? I mean come on give the guy a break. He hasn't been able to smell or breathe properly since-er...EVER!!

It also makes it a little hard to sleep when you start to drain in the middle of the night, thereby causing Adam to do this really loud, really annoying throat clearing thing, sounds kind of like, oh I dunno, HE'S GARGALING GLASS??

Also when you sneeze, could you not do it loud enough to wake the dead (or even baby!)

I'm really not asking much, and thanks in advance for your cooperation.



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