Friday, November 18, 2005

Open Letter to the whiney bitch in Q-Doba

Dear Whiney Bitch,

I am so sorry that we have been waiting in line for so long, but I am sure that all the sighing, and hemming and hawing you have done, have at least made the experience more enjoyable for those of us standing around you, if not sped up the wait!

Secondly, just because the guy behind the counter works in a Mexican fast-food restaurant does not mean he is Mexican and cannot understand you, one request of shredded beef tacos at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS should be quite sufficiant, but no, just to be careful, you then used your "codescending voice" and again requested that he make sure it was SHREDDED BEEF!

What's that? oh please for the love of God worker behind the counter, shake out this womans poor black beans!! Lady look, we heard you the first 3 times when you said that you don't like your nachos to be "squishy icky and mooshey", but I think the guy is doing all he can to dry out your freaking beans, short of bringing out a centrifuge.

Oh, you want the salsa verde, but you want it to be drained? look you are confusing that poor kid behind the counter because, well, salsa verde is pretty much liquid. Yup that's right, no real solid mass in it!

What-what's that? Yeah we know, no squishy icky and mooshy tacos.

Thank goodness time to pay and get the hell out of here. Oh no, you mean we all went through that delightful trip through the food line, and got to hear your commentary on EVERYTHING, and here you forgot your Q-CARD? Damn, it really must not be your day.




PS Quit talking through your nose!

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