Monday, November 28, 2005

Rob Thomas

Last night, Adam and I saw Rob Thomas at the Louisville Palace. one word...FABULOUS!

Anna Nalick opened, and mooned the crowd, and then Rob Thomas came out and rocked the freaking house! One of the morning shows said that he is an example of a true rockstar. They are so right.

He was so interactive with the audience, told stories about the songs, for the encore he took requests, he had great interaction with his band, he even took some of the cameras that people had in the front row and took pictures with them.

He played some Matchbox 20 songs, but only about 4. He did Smoothe and of course his solo hits, Lonely No More and This is How a Heart Breaks.

I don't have any pictures :-( because our camera is broken. (conner pulled it off the counter) but it was just a great time.

If you haven't given much thought to Rob Thomas or Matchbox 20 in the past, you should reconsider. He is a great songwriter, singer and looks really, really , really good.


  1. I have such a girl crush on Anna Nalick right now... but not so much of a crush that I'd want to see her bare behind. In fact, hearing that she's a mooner deminishes the crush a little.
    Yay for going to a live show though, I haven't been for YEARS.

  2. well the moon was more of an accident. her skirt got caught on a speaker! whoopsie!