Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Eve Open House

And the crazy tendancies of my family members.

As you peruse through these photos take note of the following two things.
1) My family has an uncanny ability to look anywhere BUT the camera while having their picture taken.
2) My mom looks like she has just had the worst news delivered to her...ALWAYS!

*my mom-looking like she is crying. My Grandad- who the hell knows what he is looking at!*

*my mom-looking teary eyed-again, grandad- who the hell even knows. Wait are my aunt and cousin actually looking at the camera-and they look like they are having a good time! Thank God its on film*

MORE THIS WAY-------->

*The MIL yes actually looking at the camera-she's a photographer so she feels my pain. but then there is Gwen and Adam not even close to looking at me while taking the pic. siiiiigggghhhhh*
*Adam's sister and Dad doing a mighty fine job cheesin' for the camera, but Timothy drops the ball. The best part is he is smiling, but at WHAT?...crazy...*

* The bean enjoying festivities and food*

*The boy loves to be flung around, teetering on the edge of nausea*

*Fun with Antlers*

*Fun with Antlers II-wait what the hell-is my mom actually...smiling?*

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