Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thursday Thirteen- Big things that happened this year

Thirteen Things about CEECE

1. Adam and I got married on February 26

2. Conner turned 1

3. We bought an awesome house in downtown New Albany and moved out of shit creek-I mean French Creek

4. I made more the enough money for Adam to stay home with Conner and do his own thing for a while

5. Conner started daycare one day a week. It sucks just as much as if he was going full time

6. My granddad moved here from California

7. My other grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago

8. We went to Las Vegas in May for vacation

9. I started weight watchers and have lost 8 lbs.

10. I met a lot of awesome people in New Albany by paying attention to politics and being active in our Neighborhood Association

11. I transfered my membership to Central Christian Church

12. I made the decision to have Conner dedicated in January

13. Adam started OCS for the Army National Guard

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  1. And best wishes for the coming year!

  2. It was an eventful year! Congrats on the marriage AND first birthday! I am sorry about your grandpa. :(
    Thanks for joining in, Happy New Year to you!

  3. Other than your grandfather's illness, sounds like you had a great year. Will keep him and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    A lot of new beginnings, that's very exciting. Conner is adorable. Best wishes for a great 2006.