Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Gosh, so much has been going on lately!

1) Conner and I were sick as dogs all last week. Puking and coughing and just feeling bad all around. Luckily Conner didn't seem to get the puking/pooping illness that Adam and I did, but his poor nose has been giving him the business.

3) Conner started day-care one day a week and on the first day he got freakin' bit on his arm and scratched on his face. We were super pissed! He goes every Tuesday and this is his third week. I just called the daycare to check in on him and the girl that answered the phone said, " well he has been kind of whiney today" WTF, how about because we have to drop him off in some shithole day care. And you can't say anthing to these women that work there because if you piss them off, how do you know if they are not going to pinch him or something.

It's buuuuulllshiiit.

4) Raech graduated from UofL, wheee. We all went out to eat and celebrate last night. Congrats

5) No tree yet. We were gonna go last weekend to get one from the tree-farm but we have been so busy. I want to go this week, but now Adam is super sick, and it is more then difficult to go shopping with the weee man.

That's it I think. Oh if you would like to come and be our Nanny so Conner doesn't have to go to the shithole day care anymore then please call thanks! :-)

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