Saturday, January 7, 2006

Boring Saturday Update

I just got back from a brief but eye-opening shopping trip to Stein-Mart. Ever been there? You should definately go if there is one near you. I had never been, but received a gift-certificate for Christmas. So with Adam at military and no other plans what do you expect me to do? SHOP of course. Except the darn budget got in the way. Alas-I have my gift certificate. So the boy and I loaded up and met Adam's mom, and off to shp we went.

Stein-Mart is apparently like a higher scale Fashion Shop, and oh-the shoes. Lord have mercy the shoes! I showed restain though. I only came away $20 over my gift card and sadly with no shoes.

They had such a wonderful selection of clothes for Conner too! I will have to take Adam back and get some clothes for the boy, because when he sees cute clothes for the boy, the budget goes out the window.

I got my first piece of cashmere there. I'm excited to wear it. Hopefully it fits nice and lives up to the cashmere reputation.

I can't wait to go back... BUDGET BE DAMNED!

Went to see Grandpa last night. He keeps trying to get out of bed to leave. He keeps saying OK let's go, Im ready, where's the car? His oxygen dropped down to 62% so now he has an optimzer hooked up to his regular oxygen.

He was pretty alert though and was very happy to see Conner. We only stayed for a bit, but I think that seeing the boy really helps out Grandpa and grandma. His hair has started to fall out too. So sad. When do you decide if the remedy is worse then the cure! Thanks for all the notes of comfort that have been sent our way it does help and mean a lot.

In New Albany news, a bunch of dumbass vandals have been screwing up the riverfront property with spraypaint and with cars.

It says that the police are busy patrolling neighborhoods and can't be down at the waterfront. Umm yeah, I don't see them in my neighborhood at night when creeps are using the street in front of my house as a damn drag strip. Also why not put in surveillance equipment, like a camera. If nothing else hopefully it will be used as a deterrant.

That's all I got, have a great Saturday!


  1. I am sorry to hear about your grandfather’s side effects from the medicine. However, I am glad to hear that he has a strong will. My uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago. It was difficult. I won’t say that I understand what you are going through as I don’t; all experiences and relationships are different. However, if you ever need to talk or vent about it let me know.
    Jim and I have recently begun riding our bikes down by the river to get some more exercise. I did notice some of the vandalism. It is a shame.

  2. Ceece,Nice to finally meet you! The beer wasn't bad either.
    Hang in there. you have friends out here in cyberland!

  3. I'm glad to hear that you visited your Grandfather with Conner. I am sure that brightened his day; your boy is just too handsome!
    I love retail therapy, but darn those budgets! Congrats on getting some great deals.

  4. I'm glad your grandfather was able to see you and Conner. Still keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.
    Loved your pictures, Conner is an absolute doll!

  5. I have been pondering that same question about how do you decide if the remedy is worse than the disease. My grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer almost exactly a year ago. The chemo they had him on damn near killed him so they took him off. Now he is much stronger, but the cancer hasn't really shrunk. I think he is going to restart a new round of chemo, but I want to say, "No!" because it is so painful to see him so frail.